Halloween & Bonfire Night Fun (#TheSundayPost)

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The Sunday Post

The Latest in my Life 🌤️

I was working from home on Monday and Tuesday so that I could look after my daughter, as no one else was trained to use her new insulin pump. On Monday evening, we carved and painted our pumpkins. I was quite proud of mine this year. Then when my husband got home from work we had our own little Halloween party with lots of fun food and music. My daughter had a blast dancing to “The Monster Mash” with her glow sticks.

It was quite a stressful few days at work, but I’m part of a very supportive team and we got through it. I had choir until after 9pm on Wednesday so I was shattered by the time it got to Friday.

My youngest sister, Milly, came down from Manchester to visit for the weekend. We haven’t seen her since February so we had a lot to catch up on. We went out for a pub lunch with her and my Grandma on Saturday, followed by a fireworks display for Bonfire Night at our local sports stadium, which was brilliant.

Today, we were mostly relaxing and catching up with a few chores. We had a new freezer delivered because our old one broke and all the food was defrosted. Luckily, we were able to save some of it at our in-laws house. My dad and step mum popped over in the afternoon and we had some cake, then we took Milly to the train station after dinner. It was great having her to visit and hopefully next time she’ll be able to stay longer.

Reading 📖

This week I started The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett which is such a great comfort read. I finished reading Carmen the Cheerleading Fairy to my daughter. I also read a few of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

Watching and Listening 📺

  • We watched quite a few of the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes of The Simpsons to get into the Halloween spirit. I still find them pretty funny.
  • We also enjoyed A Nightmare Before Christmas, a classic we watch every year. My daughter still hides for the part when the children discover the gruesome presents waiting for them.

Singing 🎵

We had a late night at choir on Wednesday but managed to get through a lot of new songs. Gaudete is a new one for me and is in Latin, so a bit of a challenge. We also practised the Christmas medley, in which I have a small solo part.

Our next “gig” is at Boston Stump (St. Botolph’s Church, Lincs) on Thursday 24th November at 6:30pm, the same night as the Christmas market and Illuminate parade. Please drop in and see us if you’re in town for the festivities.

Boston Christmas market and Illuminate parade advertisement, 24th November 2022. Market place 12pm-8pm, Illuminate parade and Christmas event 4pm to 8pm.

Quote of the Week 💬

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"-anonymous quote with a picture of a hand holding a sparkler.
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How was your week? Did you do anything for Halloween or bonfire night? Watched, read or listened to anything interesting this week? Let me know in the comments!

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6 responses to “Halloween & Bonfire Night Fun (#TheSundayPost)

  1. Aww im happy you got such a fun time with your daughter & sister!
    I didn’t got to do anything for Halloween, as I resumed working at the Café after a month unemployed.

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