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If you have a query about my blog, the FAQs below might answer it for you. If not, you can always contact me.


Can I use any of the images or text from your blog?

Unless otherwise stated, the texts and images on this blog are the sole intellectual property of myself (Anstice V Brown, known as Tizzy Brown). If you wish to copy, alter or use my text or images in any way, I insist that you email me to request permission. In most cases, I will grant you permission to use my work if it’s not for commercial purposes, as long as you credit me and link back to me, but you must email me to get permission first.

Occasionally, I have used the work of other photographers, artists or bloggers, either under a Creative Commons licence or with explicit permission. In these instances, I have given credit and linked back to them if they required this. Please do not use these files without seeking permission from the copyright holder yourself.


Where did you get your layout?

The layout template is the Tweak Me 2.0 theme by Nose Graze and I highly recommend it due to its versatility. The template customisations, including the blog header and other style elements, were created by myself.


Do you earn money from this blog?

I never accept payment for book reviews. However, I do display affiliate links and the Ko-Fi button on this blog, which have the potential to earn a small amount. Please see the full Disclosure for more information.


Would you please review my book?

You can find my review policy and details of how to request a review here.


Can you promote my book?

I love participating in blog tours, cover reveals, author interviews and street teams to promote books that I like. Please visit the Author Services page for more information.


Can you post about my blog fest or giveaway?

Of course! If your blog fest or giveaway is about writing, books, art or anything else creative, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll write a post about it and/or promote it on social media.


What are the rules for giveaways on this blog?

Please check out the giveaway policy.


Do you collect and store any personal data and if so how do you keep it secure?

You may have noticed that I ask for your permission to store your data when you leave a comment. I never collect any personal information without your explicit consent and it is never used for marketing purposes or shared with third-parties without your permission. Please read my Privacy and Security Policy for further details.

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