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Curious Daydreams (formerly Dusting the Soul and before that Creative Therapy) was started on 6th March 2009 by Anstice “Tizzy” Brown. It began as a place to share opinions, poetry and artwork. It’s since evolved into a books and creative hobbies blog that focuses on fantasy, sci-fi and dystopian fiction. Here you will find creative writing, life updates, book reviews, blog tours, cover reveals, giveaways, guest posts, author interviews and various book memes.
I regularly participate in events such as the A-Z challenge and NaNoWriMo. Curious Daydreams also features a range of other topics such as arts and crafts, baking, philosophy, mental health, travel and lifestyle. Since my daughter’s diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in November 2021, I’ve also been blogging about our journey as a family managing the condition.
I really appreciate all my followers and those that take the time to comment on my posts. I always make an effort to reply and follow back. Please join in by commenting on discussion posts-I really like to hear my readers’ opinions.
For authors or publishers who would like to submit a book for review, please read the Review Policy for more information. If you’d like to know more about my published writing, then please visit my author website, For any further queries please see the FAQs or contact me.

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