Busy Times and Boston Book Fest (#TheSundayPost)

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The Sunday Post

The Latest in my Life ☀️

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since returning to work. I’ve had training days, new classes to meet and test, medical appointments for my daughter, choir practice and my first ever writing workshop at Boston Book Fest. There’s been a lot of rushing around and not much “me time”.

Monday was a bank holiday due to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, which we watched on TV. Our family are not big royalists and have always had mixed feelings about the Queen due to the history she represents. Yet, we did have respect for her, more as a person than a figurehead. It is literally the end of an era, so I felt like I wanted to follow the event, if only to describe it to my grandchildren one day.

We held our school open evening on Tuesday night, which lasted until 8pm. It was tiring but worthwhile and I was very proud of my Literacy team when I saw all the resources and course materials we had created spread out for display. Talking to the parents about their experiences of school also reminded me why we do what we do.

I had choir on Wednesday night , then Thursday and Friday passed in a blur as I felt like a zombie. I’m feeling run down this weekend and am trying to get as much rest as I can.

Writing: Boston Book Fest 2022 ✍️

I had an amazing time at Boston Book Fest last weekend, delivering my first ever writing workshop and attending an author “meet and greet” event. I sold a few books, gave out lots of badges and bookmarks and did some valuable networking with other authors. All in all, it was a great success!

If you’d like to know more about ithe event and see more photos, visit my website for the full story: A Wonderful Time at Boston Book Fest 2022.

This weekend I’ve been planning some stories for future anthology calls. I’m trying my hand at gothic romance for a change, which is great fun.


Here’s what I posted since last time:

Reading 📖

It’s been such a busy couple of weeks that I haven’t had much time for reading. I always feel so frustrated when I haven’t had that time to myself. Hopefully, I can get back on track this week.

I finished reading Encanto: A Tale of Three Sisters to my daughter a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed it because it gave some more detail on the family than we see in the movie. Since then we’ve read The Mermaid’s Tail (Hattie B, Magical Vet #4) which was really cute.

I’m still reading the historical romance novel, New Beginnings on Vancouver Island, by Lorna Hunting. The characters are very well written and feel like real people.

Watching and Listening 📺

  • I loved The Sandman. It had an amazing cast, plot and special effects. I just hope we will eventually get a second season, as it’s not looking too likely at the moment.
  • I watched Allegiant last night, the 3rd film in the Divergent series. I had completely forgotten what happened and that the final film had been cancelled, but I can understand why. It doesn’t hold up to the first two films or the book, unfortunately.
  • Bake Off is back! It’s one of the only shows we actually tune in to watch rather than catching up on a streaming service. The first episode was so tense as they worked with those brittle biscuits to make masquerade masks. My anxiety was through the roof!
  • BBC’s Ghosts has also returned. I normally find it hilarious but the first episode was a bit of a let-down. Hopefully it picks up a bit.

Singing 🎵

Our choir gig for the Beonna heritage day was sadly postponed due to the Queen’s death. It’s now on Saturday 8th October. We’ve been rehearsing our songs for that and also learning some new ones for some upcoming Christmas events.

We have a lot of “gigs” in the diary leading right up to Christmas, which is pretty exciting. I’ve volunteered to do a small solo rendition of Wizzard’s “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” in a festive medley.

Quote of the Week 💬

"I finally got 8 hours of sleep. It took me four days, but whatever." Quote by unknown.
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How was your week? Did you watch the Queen’s funeral? Have you ever been to a book festival? Have you watched, read or listened to anything interesting this week? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for including “New Beginnings”. I’m so pleased the characters feel like real people to you. They are very real to me. I’m about a third of the way through the first draft of the sequel. It’s nice to be working with old and new friends in the book.

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