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A-Z of Favourite Quotes
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Today I’m continuing with the Blogging from A-Z Challenge! I’ll be posting every day except Sundays throughout April. This year, my readers voted for the theme “My Favourite Book Quotes”. So I’ve collected together the quotations that move me, inspire me and make me smile. I hope you enjoy them!

For letter B, I’ve chosen one of my favourite modern sci-fi authors, Beth Revis. I fell in love with Across the Universe when it first came out in 2011 and I also enjoyed her stand-alone novel, The Body Electric. Her world-building and characterisation are fantastic.

My Favourite Quotes by Beth Revis

Across the Universe by Beth Revis book cover

“I never thought about how important the sky was until I didn’t have one.”

“Power isn’t control at all — power is strength, and giving that strength to others. A leader isn’t someone who forces others to make him stronger; a leader is someone willing to give his strength to others that they may have the strength to stand on their own.”

“And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars.”

““But…If my life on Earth must end, let it end with a promise. Let it end with hope.”

“I am as silent as death. Do this: Go to your bedroom. Your nice, safe, warm bedroom that is not a glass coffin behind a morgue door. Lie down on your bed not made of ice. Stick your fingers in your ears. Do you hear that? The pulse of life from your heart, the slow in-and-out from your lungs? Even when you are silent, even when you block out all noise, your body is still a cacophony of life. Mine is not. It is the silence that drives me mad. The silence that drives the nightmares to me. Because what if I am dead? 

Beth Revis, Across the Universe
A Million Suns by Beth Revis book cover

“Well, sometimes home is a person.”

“Love without choice isn’t love at all.”

“I lean closer to him, so close I can smell his skin, and when I speak, I can see how the little hairs near his ear move with my breath. “I also want you to know that I won’t kill you right away. But that you’ll wish I had.”

Beth Revis, A Million Suns
Shades of Earth by Beth Revis book cover

“I learned that life is so, so fragile. I learned that you can know someone for just days and never forget the impression he left on you. I learned that art can be beautiful and sad at the same time. I learned that if someone loves you, he’ll wait for you to love him back. I learned that how much you want something doesn’t determine whether you get it or not, that “no” might not be enough, that life isn’t fair, that my parents can’t save me, that maybe no one can.”

“What is in our hearts is real whether we name it or let it exist only in darkness or silence.”

“We all die someday.” Maybe the only thing that makes that fact bearable is the idea that death is the only way we can return to the stars.”

“Don’t you see? Those monsters you’ve been so worried about. Not aliens. People. The monsters have always been people.”

Beth Revis, Shades of Earth
The Body Electric by Beth Revis book cover

“The sea is a dangerous place because it makes you believe in forever.”

“I cannot imagine a more perfect hell than being trapped inside my own mind.”

“We are, at least in part, who we remember ourselves to be. Take away our memories, and you take away our selves.”

Beth Revis, The Body Electric
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Have you read anything by Beth Revis? Do you have a favourite quote by an author beginning with B? Let me know in the comments!

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8 responses to “B is for Beth Revis #AtoZChallenge

    • I used to love The Wishing Chair, The Faraway Tree and The Famous Five series. My daughter is a big fan of them too.

  1. I am not much of a sci-fi person, so I have not really read the books. But that being said, I really liked the quotes from The Body Electric. I might give it a try, thanks for the reco!
    Read my A-Z at FictionPies

    • I’d probably describe it as soft sci-fi as it doesn’t go into too much technical detail. There’s a lot of philosophy in it.

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