Fall Into Fantasy 2021 pre-order and cover reveal! (#IWSG Sept 2021)

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Apologies for missing last month’s IWSG post. I was away on holiday and unfortunately wasn’t organised enough to get my post scheduled in advance. I’m pleased to say that I have a new release to share with you this month.

My short story “Beneath the Roots” will be featured in the anthology Fall Into Fantasy 2021, coming September 21st from Cloaked Press. I am so pleased that my tale about the old gods from Slavic mythology has finally found a home with such a wonderful publisher.

Fall Into Fantasy returns with 15 tales spanning the breadth of fantasy. From captive dragons to a magical war, Demons and circus performers, fairies and ghosts, dwarves and genies, even a typical day in the life of an earthworm. Don’t miss a single entertaining, exciting tale.

Here’s who you’ll find within its pages.

Shane Porteous “Gathering Genocide”
Barend Nieuwstraten III “Hearthshare”
Alex Minns “The Concealed Witness”
Andrew P. McGregor “Demon Dave: Dinner Time”
Joanne Blondin “Astounding Performances”
James Pyles “Theo Klaggorn, Private Detective”
Anstice Brown “Beneath The Roots”
J. C. Pillard “Three Drops In The Snow”
Linda M. Crate “Flight Of The Fae”
Matthew McKiernan “The Each-Uisge”
Jabe Stafford “Dead Next Door”
Clarissa Gosling “The Genie Of The Ring”
R. A. Clarke “The Brightening”
R. A. Meenan “Some Things Remain”
Marsheila Rockwell “Play It Again, Sem”

Pre-order here: Amazon UK / Amazon US

Here’s a little taste of my story, “Beneath the Roots”, which is all about the rivalry between Perun (god of thunder) and Veles (god of the underworld).

How do I define success as a writer?

This month’s optional question:

How do you define success as a writer? Is it holding your book in your hand? Having a short story published? Making a certain amount of income from your writing?

I definitely see success in writing as a continuum with various milestones, both big and small. Given how tough the writing industry is, I would consider any author who can live off their writing income alone to be “highly successful”. I’d describe those who have best-sellers stocked worldwide and TV and film adaptations to be “hugely successful”.

I’m only at the start of my writing journey and don’t expect to ever reach those dizzying heights. But the moment I first felt like I had achieved something significant was when my first short story was accepted for publication in Masquerade: Oddly Suited (an IWSG anthology) in 2018. Before that, I considered writing as a hobby that perhaps I had no real talent for, but which brought me joy. Once I was published, I began to call myself an author and to think of my writing as more of a “side-hustle” or part-time job.

My next goals are to attend my first author event and to complete my science fantasy novel. After that, I am considering self-publishing my novel through KDP. Holding my own novel in my hands would definitely bring me a huge sense of accomplishment as it is my life-long dream. I think it would feel like a success even if I only managed to break even!

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group post on the first Wednesday of every month. We want to help writers of all stages to overcome their insecurities, and by offering encouragement we are creating a community of support.

This month’s awesome co-hosts are: Rebecca Douglass, T. Powell Coltrin @Journaling Woman, Natalie Aguirre, Karen Lynn, and C. Lee McKenzie!

Does the Fall Into Fantasy anthology sound like your cup of tea? Do you have any writing news to share? Let me know in the comments!

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