V is for Vegetarianism #AtoZChallenge

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Life, the Universe, and Everything According to My Five-Year-Old

This month I’m taking part in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge and will be posting every day except Sundays. My readers voted for the theme “Life, the Universe, and Everything According to My Five-Year-Old”. During bedtime discussions and colouring sessions, my daughter will finally be providing the answers to the philosophical problems and unsolved mysteries that have puzzled humanity’s greatest thinkers for centuries.

Should more people become vegetarian?

Though there are a few vegetarian people in the family, Leona eats meat and fish like her Dad, who is a HUGE meat-eater. She went through a brief phase a year ago where she didn’t want to eat animals, but she couldn’t do without her chicken nuggets and fish fingers.

Me: What do you think a vegetarian is?

L: It means you don’t eat meat.

Me: Who do you know that’s vegetarian?

L: Mummy….Nan and Auntie Min.

Me: That’s right. Why do you think we don’t eat meat?

L: Because you’re crazy! [giggles]. Because you made a promise. You don’t want to make the animals get died.

Me: That’s right. I don’t want animals to suffer. Do you think more people should be vegetarian?

L: Yes, because it’s not nice to kill animals. And it’s healthy.

Me: But you eat meat and fish don’t you?

L: Yes. I just like the taste. The animals had a big life. But I like vegetables as well.

child's drawing of a pink pig in blue and red clothing jumping high in a field of flowers
“Happy pig” by Leona, aged 5.
over to you

Are you or would you ever consider going vegetarian or vegan? Let me know in the comments!

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8 responses to “V is for Vegetarianism #AtoZChallenge

  1. Since I am a pure vegetarian.. never tasted even an egg.. I can say there is so much variety in vegetarian food that I never had a thought of ever going for meat.. moreover the thought of eating a dead animal puts me off.

  2. I tried eating vegetarian for several months, but I lacked creativity when it came to meal prep and everything tasted the same to me. My most memorable and delicious vegetarian meals were while I was traveling in Scotland, so I realize it can be done with the right seasonings and combinations.

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