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The Blogging from A-Z Challenge continues today. Every day throughout April (except Sundays) I’ll be posting a range of ideas and tips for keeping your family entertained at home. It will include arts and crafts, games, learning ideas and imaginative activities for all ages. I thought it would be particularly useful while we’re all self-isolating or socially distancing, though it can be used for any time of year.

Letter “Q” is for Quizzes. I’ve always loved quizzes, puzzles and riddles and I’ve seen a lot of them about during lockdown. They’re good for keeping our brains active and challenging us to recall information from our long time memory. They’re also good fun to play with friends and can help to distract us from our worries. Below are some links and resources for quiz fans.

  • The Virtual Pub Quiz takes place every Thursday at 8:15 pm GMT on YouTube (just after #clapforcarers). I’ve been playing for the last four weeks and it’s been great fun. Last Thursday I made a team with my sister and brother-in-law via video chat.
  • Jimmy Carr hosts The Little Tiny Quiz of the Lockdown on YouTube.
  • You can make your own quizzes at Kahoot or MyQuiz.org
  • DK Find Out has lots of educational quizzes for kids.
  • More Than Just a Princess on Facebook hosts daily quizzes for the little ones.
  • Check out these easy quiz games for kids to play on zoom.
  • You can play fun quizzes with Alexa! For kids, try these: “Alexa play Geo Quiz”, “Alexa, start the spelling game” or “Alexa, ask Math Mania to play”. For adults, try: “Alexa, open Geography trivia”, “Alexa, open song quiz” or “Alexa, play Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”, “Alexa, play Jeopardy” or “Alexa, play True or False”.
  • Try some puzzles such as crosswords and sudoku.
  • Have a go at the brainteasers below. They should keep you busy for a while!

Can you open the lock?

Image description: A picture of a combination lock with 3 question marks. Can you open the lock using these clues? 682-one digit is right and in its place, 614-one digit is right but in the wrong place, 206-two digits are right but both are in the wrong place, 738-all digits are wrong, 380-one digit is right but in the wrong place.

Guess the Character

Can you guess who these TV, film and video game characters are? I’ve still got about 5 to get.

Image description: collections of coloured blocks representing various TV, film and video game characters.

Find the hidden books of the Bible

This one kept me busy for ages but I finally found all 16!

Guess the Book Title

Here’s one me and my colleagues from work made! Can you guess the titles of these famous books from the emoji clues?

Over to You

Do you like to play quizzes or puzzles? Have you been able to solve any of the brainteasers above?

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2 responses to “Q is for Quizzes #AtoZChallenge

    • My dad loves those master sudokus where you have several different grids connected. They take me ages to complete. I’m better at word games.

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