P is for Pampering #AtoZChallenge

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The Blogging from A-Z Challenge continues today. Every day throughout April (except Sundays) I’ll be posting a range of ideas and tips for keeping your family entertained at home. It will include arts and crafts, games, learning ideas and imaginative activities for all ages. I thought it would be particularly useful while we’re all self-isolating or socially distancing, though it can be used for any time of year.

Letter “P” is for Pampering. If you’re anything like me, you haven’t worn makeup in weeks, your eyebrows are like fuzzy caterpillars and there seems to be something nesting in your hair. And who cares? We are living through a global pandemic. There is absolutely no obligation to look pretty! (Nor should there be at any other time, but that rant is for another day).

However, pampering and pruning can be a relaxing escape from daily worries. If you’ve been feeling stressed lately and need a little TLC, why not treat yourself and your family to a “spa day”? I’ve compiled a list of some ideas you could try to recreate the spa experience at home.

At home “Spa Day”

  • Make up a “menu” of treatments for your family to choose from, including massages and manicures.
  • Prepare some light snacks such as sandwiches, fruit and cakes and arrange it into a cute afternoon tea. You could also make a jug of juice with fruit and ice for the “welcome drink” and decorate the table with fresh flowers.
  • Make sure everyone has a nice, fresh fluffy dressing gown and slippers to wear and roll up your towels to look extra posh!
  • If you’re able to an online shop, you could make up little gift baskets for the kids which include things like face masks, hair curlers, styling tools and lip balm. You could include any mini toiletries that you might have pinched from hotels over the years!
  • Dig out those bath bombs that have been sitting in your bathroom cupboard since Christmas and have a nice long soak in the tub. Light some candles and play some soft music for a chilled-out atmosphere.
  • Soak your feet in epsom salts or bubbles. If you don’t have a foot spa you can use a washing up bowl or even a plastic toy box!
  • Apply face masks while you watch a film together. If you’ve not got any, try out one of these 7 Homemade Face Mask Recipes.
  • Use aromatherapy body oils to give each other back and shoulder massages. WikiHow has a good Beginner’s Guide to Giving a Back Massage.
  • Give yourself a DIY uplifting face massage before applying a hydrating eye cream and a nourishing face cream.
  • Rummage through your collection of nail polishes and give each other a manicure and pedicure. Try this Beginner’s Guide to a Manicure and Pedicure at Home. For young children who want to join in, you can cut out cardboard hands and let them have fun decorating them with nail polish.

Experiment with your hair and makeup

I DO NOT recommend bleaching or cutting your own hair unless you want to end up on one of Brad Mondo‘s fail videos. But you can get away with a careful trim or try out some different styles.

  • My friend Robyn from Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing has shared some great tutorials on Instagram, including fringe trims, clipping men’s hair and mastering lots of gorgeous up-dos.
  • Plaits and Pin Curls on Facebook are holding virtual hair lessons for kids over 6 years old to teach skills like braiding. The next one is on Tuesday 21st April.
  • If you have naturally wavy or curly hair you might want to try out the Curly Girl Method to accentuate and define your curls. I personally recommend the Curly Girl Rejects group on Facebook if you want a more low-maintenance routine.
  • There are lots of makeup tutorials to try on YouTube. I recommend following models with similar hair and skin tone to you. Charlene O’Malley Makeup artistry is offering free lessons on Facebook and Ruby J Makeup Artist is holding one-to-one online sessions for £50, which would make a good birthday gift.
  • I love playing with different eyeshadow palettes to create colourful looks. Why not have a go at creating some fun photos or even makeup tutorials of your own?
  • Play around with filters and apps to change your hair colour and makeup look and see what will suit you. Try the Style my Hair app by L’Oréal Professionnel.
Image description: An arrangement of rolled, orange towels, cream orchid leaves, a small buddha statue and some stones and candles. Image by Nico H. from Pixabay
Over to You

Do you like to pamper yourself at home? Have you given in to the temptation of giving yourself a “lockdown hair cut”?

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    • You’re welcome! I’m definitely in need of an uplifting massage. I feel like I’ve developed many new wrinkles over the last few weeks!

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