J is for Jokes & Joyfulness #AtoZChallenge

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The Blogging from A-Z Challenge continues today. Every day throughout April (except Sundays) I’ll be posting a range of ideas and tips for keeping your family entertained at home. It will include arts and crafts, games, learning ideas and imaginative activities for all ages. I thought it would be particularly useful while we’re all self-isolating or socially distancing, though it can be used for any time of year.

Letter “J” is for Jokes and Joyfulness. In this scary and stressful time we’re living through, it can be hard to look on the bright side. Making jokes can seem inappropriate when the fear and worry is so real. But humour can be an effective coping mechanism in tough times.

There is some truth to the old adage that laughter is the best medicine. It helps to relax your muscles, triggers the release of endorphins (feel good chemicals) which can help to reduce stress and there is even evidence to suggest it can boost your immune system.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of amusing activities to help bring more laughter into your life.

  • Read a funny web comic every day. I like Nathan W. Pyle’s Strange Planet, Existential Comics, and Incidental Comics.
  • Watch some classic British comedy shows-you can usually find boxsets online. I recommend Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, Only Fools And Horses, Porridge, Dad’s Army, Red Dwarf, The Vicar of Dibley and One Foot in the Grave. More recent favourites include Black Books and The IT Crowd. I don’t watch much American comedy, but I do like The Big Bang Show and Friends.
  • Start a silly family prank or game. My husband always pranks me by clipping clothes pegs to me when I’m not paying attention and I even went to work with one on my back once. He also likes to jump out from behind doors at me, which always makes me scream the house down!
  • Read a funny book. I love The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Good Omens, Bridget Jones’ Diary and anything by Robert Rankin.
  • Grab a helium balloon or try a silly voice-changer app.
  • Make your own memes about lockdown life to share with your friends. Meme Generator is an easy way to start.
  • Start a joke jar. Everyone in the family adds their own jokes and every dinner time you choose one to read out.
  • Try laughter yoga. Bianca Spears has a session on Youtube.
  • Join a Facebook group that pokes fun at everyday things. My personal favourites are Ireland Simpsons Fans, Uninspiring Adverts and Rate my Plate.
  • Get dressed in a ridiculous combination of clothes just for the fun of it (maybe not on a day you have a Zoom meeting with your boss).
  • Check out some funny videos on Youtube. I’m a fan of Screen Junkies, Whitney Avalon and Bad Lip Reading.
  • Try watching some stand up comedy. My favourite stand-up comics are Billy Connolly, Michael McIntyre, Russell Howard, Micky Flanagan, John Bishop, Bill Bailey, Jon Richardson and Dave Gorman.
  • Take a look at some of the funny musical parodies that have been doing the rounds on social media. Daniel Matarazzo has loads of hilarious ones.
  • Play some silly party games with your family or staring games where you try not to laugh. See my G is for Games post for suggestions.
  • Tickle sessions are also very therapeutic!
Image description: a cat appears to laugh with its eyes closed. Image from Pixabay.

Over to you!

What do you like to do for amusement? Do you gave a favourite comedy TV show or book? Do you have a hilarious joke to share? Let me know in the comments.

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14 responses to “J is for Jokes & Joyfulness #AtoZChallenge

  1. I have been trying to consciously include fun in our days for the reasons you mentioned.
    My Dad had surgery ten days ago, and while he was at the hospital, my son and I sent him each a joke a day. Sometimes we would type, others I would videotape my son telling something silly. I hope he appreciated it.

    Happy Weekend 🙂

    My J is about Switzerland’s Justice System: https://thethreegerbers.blogspot.com/2020/04/a-z-2020-switzerland-justice-system.html

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