The Sunday Post: Happy Mother’s Day!

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Today’s post is not going to be in the normal style because I didn’t get any reading or writing done, and didn’t watch much on the box either. So forgive me for just rambling on.

I hope all my readers are well. It’s been an emotional week to say the least. I’ve had a few tears and I think that’s helped me to release my stress and feel calmer. I read a great Twitter thread that explained how we’re all grieving for the parts of our life that are suspended. That makes sense to me.

Saying goodbye to our year 11 students who have had their exams cancelled and then leaving work on Friday knowing we won’t be in again on Monday was so surreal. I will miss my students and wonderful colleagues and I hope I’ll soon be able to continue doing the job I love.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen some amazing things happen at my school and I’m so proud to work with such a dedicated and supportive team. I also feel incredibly grateful to have financial security during this time of uncertainty. I know that many small businesses and self-employed people are not so lucky.

My mum turned 60 this week, but I couldn’t visit because she is in the high risk group. Today was also the first Mother’s Day that I’ve stayed at home and not visited family and I imagine that will be the same for most people. I sent flowers and video called instead. It was hard, but it’s neccessary. We’ve all got to practise social distancing as best we can now. I’m looking forward to celebrating with everyone once things are better.

To all the mums, stepmums, nans and grandmas (and anyone else who has a maternal role): I wish you a very happy Mothers Day. You are the people that keep us going in times like this, by loving us, comforting us and looking after us in every way you can. Thank you ❤️

I’ve enjoyed spending time with my little one this weekend and we’ve been working on some fun, creative things which I’ll be sharing with you in the next couple of days when I reveal my theme for the Blogging from A-Z Challenge, so stay tuned!

Stay safe everyone, and if you are struggling please do reach out. We are all in this together.



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