A-Z of My Writing Life (Master List)

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An A-Z of My Writing Life

Here’s the master list of all my posts from the Blogging from A-Z Challenge 2019. My theme was ‘my writing life’ and throughout April I blogged about my writerly inspirations, frustrations and celebrations.

Awesome Authors

Benefits of Blogging

Connecting with the Community and Cheating with Challenging Chapters

Developing Details (download my free character chart!)

Energy and Excitement

Fun with Flash Fiction

Growing Genres

Healthy Habits for Writers

Inspiration and Insecurities

Juggling Jobs

Knowing When to Quit or Keep Going


Marketing and Masquerade

Naming Characters

Opal and Onyx (WEP challenge entry)

P is for Poetry and Procrastination

Quotes and Questions

Reading and Reviewing

Short Stories and “Sea of Sorrows”


Update and Unmasking

Visualising Victory

World-Building (with free chart)

Xesturgy (with free editing checklist)

Y is for Yipee and Yikes

Zing and Zest (It’s release day!)

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  1. Hi Anstice … I didn’t participate this year … but your entries seem totally appropriate for other bloggers as well A-Zers … I’ll keep it open – to check through … congratulations on finishing and then setting out all your entries here … cheers and good luck with the writing … Hilary

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