W is for Worldbuilding (with free chart!) #AtoZChallenge

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The Blogging from A-Z Challenge continues today. Throughout April I’m posting about my life as a writer, including my inspirations, frustrations and celebrations.

Worldbuilding is one of my favourite parts of the writing process. I thoroughly enjoy constructing my own imaginary worlds with their own unique history and physical features. I draw inspiration for my fantasy settings from mythology, fairytales and the history of ancient civilisations. When I’m writing science-fiction, I research all the technical details about space travel, terraforming planets, and so on. It’s so much fun and I always learn tons of new information in the process.

My current WiP is mainly set on a fictional planet loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, but there are dystopian elements to it too. I love coming up with the names for the places and creatures and thinking of how the society works and how it evolved.

As well as researching using books and the internet, I create mood boards for each of my settings on Pinterest and will sometimes draw pictures or maps to help me visualise them.

Free Worldbuilding Chart

I record all the details of my settings in a worldbuilding chart which I can refer to as I’m writing. It covers everything from the physical details of a setting (climate, vegetation, location, etc.) to the religion, politics and social structure. You can download the chart here. I hope you find it useful!

Before you go…

Do you enjoy worldbuilding? What is your favourite fictional world?

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3 responses to “W is for Worldbuilding (with free chart!) #AtoZChallenge

  1. Hi Anstice – well done … I had a quick look at the chart and it’s really interesting for so many reasons – the thought of building a world makes me quake – my imagination doesn’t stretch that wide! Cheers Hilary

  2. I love doing worldbuilding! Mm, my favourite fictional world right now: The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. I don’t particularly like the book, but the worldbuilding is rich and textured. (It’s also the first one that came to mind when I looked up at my bookshelves…)

    Ronel visiting with the A-Z Challenge music and writing: Most Amazing

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