Book Spotlight: October Song by Ru Pringle

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Today I’m excited to introduce you to October Song by Ru Pringle, published on 15th October. October Song is a dystopian near future thriller with a female protagonist, set on the west coast of Scotland.

About the Book

Book cover for October Song by Ru Pringle

Following a devastating bomb attack outside the North British Council Building at Holyrood in Edinburgh, a police officer finds herself fleeing from her employers and MI5, the domestic counter-intelligence and security agency of the United Kingdom, up the west coast of the territory of North Britain towards the front line of an intensifying war.

But it’s not just her pursuers she must beware of. The wild coastline has become a hiding place for desperate boat-borne refugees. Meanwhile, someone unknown seems to be going to extraordinary and ever more lethal lengths to stop her pursuers finding her.

October Song is both a dark roller-coaster ride and a blistering reflection on a world on the edge of collapse.

ISBN: 9781540116932

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October Song is available on Amazon (Kindle) and you can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited!

The synopsis sounds great and I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing my copy!

Advanced Reviews

An absolute piledriver of a dark future thriller that instantly hooks you and doesn’t let go till the end. Horribly believable and utterly compelling.‘ 

Neil Williamson, author of The Moon King.

Reads like a perfectly structured thriller […] Its combination of a gritty noir aesthetic with one of the most chilling depictions of the near-future since Children of Men results in a work of superlative readability.‘ 

Gary Gibson, award-nominated author of Angel Stations.

A grim and gripping near-future thriller with sharp political edges and scarily plausible projections, rooted in intimate knowledge of real places.‘ 

Ken MacLeod, award-winning author of The Night Sessions.


‘The little electric hatchback had vaulted cleanly over a drystone wall, mangling itself as it ploughed a furrow down a steep bank, flipping on to its side as it hit a half-buried boulder and slamming to a stop against a tree. As she sat suspended, watching airbags deflate, she could hear police sirens approaching. She didn’t dare move. Perhaps three minutes later, a police convoy screamed past. As if it would help her, she sat stock still as the sirens were killed. Flashing red and blue lights illuminated tree-tops where the vehicles had pulled up a few hundred metres further on.’

‘As she drifts into the narrows there’s a noise from downwind, somewhere in front of her. She squints into the dark and raises her binoculars again. What the …? Some kind of battle is taking place on the bridge. Breathing very fast, she strains for details. Even in moonlight, it’s too dim for her night vision to make out much. There’s a scrum of movement, and a growing roar of voices. And clanging – lots of clanging. Also thumps, like haunches of meat being dropped on a floor. She sees a flash of something bright and metallic. There are screams. Something falls noisily off the bridge right in front of her, barely three kayak lengths away.’

About the Author

Ru Pringle is one of the most interesting and exciting new writers to emerge north of the border since Iain Banks’ – Gary Gibson, award-nominated author of Angel Stations, Against Gravity and Stealing Light.

Ru has written for a living since his late teens, beginning with regular features in numerous magazines and newspapers. His critically acclaimed early short fiction was published in Interzone. After several years as a touring musician, he published his first two ebooks in the summer of 2018: A Time of Ashes and Hunting Gods, the first parts of the fantasy / sf epic Fate and the Wheel. A dark future thriller, October Song, follows in October 2018. He is currently editing the centuries-spanning space opera Sanctuary for publishing early next year.

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Before you go…

Does this dystopian thriller appeal to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I hope you will be able to enjoy your read of this book! I love a good apocalyptic kind of book and it sounds like it is going to be quite suspenseful!

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