The Sunday Post (13): Switching Things up to Beat a Slump

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This week in my life

This week I’ve been in a strange mood. Despite having time off work to blog and read to my heart’s content, I haven’t felt like doing any of it. I’ve been feeling lethargic and restless at the same time; bored but lacking enthusiasm to actually do anything! Do you know the feeling? I’ve also been comparing myself to others too much and feeling a little down about myself. 

To snap myself out of it, I put down my laptop for once and had a big tidying and cleaning blitz and my bedroom now looks spotless and is much more relaxing than before. I also had a bit of a play with my new watercolour brush pens, which was so much fun (more posts on that to follow!) and picked out some paint for redecorating our house. Changing things up a bit and stepping away from social media helped to make me feel more positive.

I also had a nice meal out with my sister, her boyfriend and my mum to celebrate my sister’s birthday and today we spent some time with my in-laws, which was fun.

Mini-Me seems to be mastering potty training and her speech is coming on in leaps and bounds. She started dancing class a few weeks ago and she really enjoyed it yesterday. She looks adorable in her little leotard and skirt. We’ve also been given the green light to start introducing dairy products into her diet in stages via the iMap Milk Ladder, which means she’s allowed to have proper biscuits now!

This week on the blog

To beat my blogging slump, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit. I’ve written a list of discussion posts I want to write and I’m working with some of my friends to put together some guest posts and interviews on a range of different topics (if you’re interested in guest posting, please get in touch). But don’t worry, I will still be posting about books and writing as normal, there will just be a little more variety.

Recent Posts

Coming up next week

  • Tuesday-TTT: 10 Ways to Get Out of a Reading Slump
  • Wednesday– How I Use Cheat Sheets to Develop my Characters (with free download!) 
  • Thursday-Thursday Aesthetic: Throwback
  • Sunday-The Sunday Post

Writing update

I had another good writing day on Monday while Mini-Me was at nursery. I’ve now reached about 22,000 words so I’m about a third of the way through my WiP. But once again I couldn’t find any motivation to write the rest of the week. I find it so much easier to focus and get into the ‘zone’ when I’m alone and don’t have any distractions. Tomorrow I’m aiming for 4000 words-wish me luck! 

I did manage to do some work on my character aesthetics and cheat sheets this week-I’ll be talking about those on Wednesday.

What I’m reading

I’m still enjoying short stories at the moment and haven’t felt like picking up a novel, which is unusual for me. This week I’ve been reading Some of the Best from 2012 Edition.

Book cover for Some of the Best from Tor. Com 2012 Edition

Latest goodies

More Kindle freebies!

Book cover for Once Upon a Curse Book cover for Lost Girl Book cover for Tainted

Links I’m loving

Before you go…

How was your week? Any news to share? Let me know in the comments!



12 responses to “The Sunday Post (13): Switching Things up to Beat a Slump

  1. I understand the feeling. It’s tough sometimes! I don’t always want to blog or read even when I DO have time. haha Great job on your WIP though. That’s awesome.


    • Maybe we just put too much pressure on ourselves? I guess we don’t have to be productive all the time, sometimes the mind just needs a break. I always seem to feel guilty, though. Thanks AJ, hope you have a great week too.

  2. Red

    I found that even when I wasn’t in a mood to write, sitting at my laptop and reviewing where I was, got me going enough to keep the story rolling. Until this week, during which we’ve been moving and my routine is gone. Not to mention I’m exhausted every day. However, I married someone who, like you, requires a little less distraction. I am somehow blessed to be able to drop in and out and keep the groove going once I’ve started.

    • Yes, sometimes it works for me to sit down and get on with it, setting an alarm for say 30 minutes. Moving always throws routine out of the window, it’s such a big chore. But hopefully, it will all be worth it. That’s good that you can work around distractions. My husband is the same, he can do multiple things at once (watching TV, playing a computer game, working, etc.) but I have to be focused on one task at a time. I’m the kind of person who can’t even sleep unless the room is pitch black and silent. I send my husband out of the room when I’m writing because it puts me off having someone else there!

  3. Sometimes you just need a break to do other things. That’s what I love about blogging ahead so much. I’ve hardly written any reviews/posts for months since I just wasn’t feeling it but thankfully had a good back up. Looking forward to seeing your art endeavors! That’s always fun 🙂

    • I really need to get a good lead, I can just never seem to find the time to push on and get so many posts written at once. Blog Ahead always helps to get me motivated though, even if I don’t succeed.

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