#ThursdayAesthetic (3): Home

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It’s time for another #ThursdayAesthetic for my current WiP, which I’ve nicknamed Crossover, as not only does it involve crossing dimensions, but it’s also a genre mashup of sci-fi and fantasy.

#ThursdayAesthetic is a weekly meme started by science-fiction and fantasy author Jessica James. You can find out more about it here. This week’s theme is: 


What’s home to your MC? Is it a place? A person? An idea?

I actually did the perfect aesthetic for this last week when the theme was dreams, as Nova’s dream is to find somewhere that she belongs. She doesn’t really have any place she can call home yet, so this week I’ve decided to base my aesthetic on humanity’s search for an Earth 2.0.

Unfortunately, the terraforming of Mars isn’t going so well. In fact, people are starting to suspect that they’ve been lied to and that Mars will never be a real substitute for Earth. The crew of the spaceship that Nova is assigned to are on a mission to find a more viable planet, but so far their voyage has been fruitless.

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Before you go…

What are you working on? Feel free to share a link to your #ThursdayAesthetic in the comments!

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2 responses to “#ThursdayAesthetic (3): Home

  1. Red

    I am working on a new book while my first one sits in my brain-queue waiting for editing. And this one is harder because my MC is not a lot like me. Some things, and of course I’ll write with my voice, but I have to really stretch myself to find her! I’m enjoying it though, even the research part.

    • I know what you mean! There are a couple of secondary characters in my WiP that are nothing like me and sometimes I write something and then catch myself, realising they wouldn’t actually act like that! It’s so hard not to write all the characters as different parts of myself! I guess that comes with experience. Glad you’re enjoying your new project. I love the research part, but I always spend way too long on it before actually starting to write.

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