#ThursdayAesthetic (1): Setting of my Crossover WiP

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After following the hashtag #ThursdayAesthetic on Twitter for a while, I’ve finally decided to take part. So today I’m sharing an aesthetic for my current WiP, which I’ve nicknamed Crossover, as not only does it involve crossing dimensions, but it’s also a genre mashup of sci-fi and fantasy. I still haven’t decided on a real title.

#ThursdayAesthetic is a weekly meme started by science-fiction and fantasy author Jessica James. You can find out more about it here. This week’s theme is: 



Crossover starts on a spaceship, but the main setting is the planet Aura, located in an alternate universe. Aura is similar to earth in that it has a breathable atmosphere, lush vegetation and many different species of animal. However, there are lots of differences, from the bizarre creatures and bioluminescent plants to the deep, purple oceans which taste sweet rather than salty! Aura is a very special place and I’m enjoying discovering more and more about it as I write. 


The images pictured were not created by me and were found on Pinterest. The central image is by Frederick St-Arnaud, middle left flower is from allthingscool, bottom right is by bmd247, the bottom left image is from faerypotter. If you are the owner of any of these images and wish them to be removed, please contact me.


Before you go…

What are you working on? Feel free to share a link to your #ThursdayAesthetic in the comments! 

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