Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2018

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This month started with me returning to work after a short break and I really struggled to get back into the swing of things. June is always a busy month at work but for some reason, I felt like I didn’t have my normal patience and calmness. I mentioned the challenges I face with balancing book blogging with my work in this book blogger hop post.

I’ve been feeling very tired and run down lately. My toddler was ill a couple of times so she woke a lot in the night. At the beginning of the month, I caught a mystery virus that made my lymph nodes swollen and painful and for a couple of weeks I’ve had bad back pain and numbness in my fingers which seems to have been exasperated by sitting at my desk all day. Hopefully, during the summer break I will be able to get out in the fresh air more and concentrate on my fitness goals, which should have a knock-on effect on my health and wellbeing.

The highlights of June for me were judging our local talent competition, going out for two Father’s Day meals and enjoying the sunshine with my family. What have you been up to this month? I’d love to hear about it!



Total blog posts: 16. You can read all my June posts here.

Blogfests/events: Insecure Writers Support Group, June Comment Challenge, National Writing Day, We are the World Blogfest, Bloggiesta & Blog Ahead.

Book promos: Cover Reveal for Rival by Arwen Paris

Books completed: 2 (Click the links below to go to Goodreads):

Book cover for Ready Player One by Ernest Cline







Both books were amazing! 

Books reviewed: 2. Sever by Lauren DeStefano and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Comments: 188

New followers: +6 on Bloglovin‘, +19 on Twitter, +7 on WordPress, +3 on Google+ and +24 on Facebook.

Thank you all for joining me, I really appreciate it!


Creative Hobbies

Again I didn’t have any time for my artwork. 🙁

However, I did make some progress on my novel and I faced my fear of sharing my writing by posting a short story for National Writing Day called “No People, No War.” 


Tv & Film

Films watched: I finally got to watch The Greatest Showman on DVD and really enjoyed it.

TV shows:  I haven’t watched much TV lately, but I did watch a bit of Star Trek TNG and Dark Angel on DVD.


Quote of the Month

Self care quote by Eleanor Brownn








Goals for July

  • Successfully complete Blog Ahead (schedule 15 posts in advance)
  • Post 3 book reviews
  • Read at least 3 books
  • Post to Instagram at least 3 times
  • Visit at least 50 more A-Z challenge blogs
  • Leave 5+ comments on Much Reviews (my July comment challenge partner) 


Before you go…


How was June for you? What are your goals for May?




12 responses to “Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2018

  1. Red

    I am alarmed to say that I’m getting accustomed to not working. It won’t be forever, but it’s so easy! I have made progress in writing and reading, and developed a morning routine that includes walking, yoga, and meditation, so I’m getting into a happy place for sure.

    • That sounds like heaven! I would love that kind of lifestyle, honestly. My last day at work was yesterday and I’m looking forward to a few weeks of what you describe, lots of creative activities and family time. I know it’ll do me a world of good.

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick; I do hope you start feeling better. I had some sort of bug this week and I’m slowly starting to feel okay – it’s just never fun!! Good luck with all of your July goals!!


    • I’m all recovered now, thanks. Glad you’re better too. I hate getting ill, I’m not a fan of having to rest up when I’ve got lots to do.

  3. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling too well!! I’m afraid when my little one starts daycare, it will be a tidal wave of sickness hitting my house!

    I am glad you enjoyed Children of Blood and Bone!! It was so good!

    Wishing you all the best towards your July goals!

    • Yeah, my little one brings all the bugs from the nursery, it’s not fun. But I guess it’s better for her to build up her immune system by being exposed to them all before she starts school.

  4. Olivia Roach

    It sounds like June had a lot challenges and the illness couldn’t have been easy for you as a parent and you when you were ill yourself. I hope July will be a better month for you and that you will be able to reach all of your blogging and hobby based skills. They sound promising :3

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