My Blog Goals for June-July 2018 #Bloggiesta #BlogAhead

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I’m going to be very busy improving my blog over the next couple of weeks as both the Summer Mini Bloggiesta 2018 and a Mini Blog Ahead are starting tomorrow! Below are more details about each challenge and my list of goals.


Summer Mini Bloggiesta

button for the summer mini bloggiesta June 2018Bloggiesta is back for a mini event on 22nd-24th June. It’s a blogfest designed to help you improve your blog and tackle the things you normally put off or don’t have time for. The mini Bloggiesta is a more basic version of the main challenge and involves some everyday blog maintenance, admin and preparation. You can find some ideas for a basic to-do list here. You could also have a look at some of the past Mini Challenges for inspiration.

If you’d like to take part, simply post your ‘to do’ list and link it up

This time there will be three twitter parties all hosted by Michelle (@Limbean74) and Berls (@BerlsS). Just follow the hashtag #Bloggiesta to join up.

  • Friday, June 22 at 7 pm EST (11 pm GMT)
  • Saturday, June 23 at 12 pm EST (4 pm GMT)
  • Sunday, June 24th at 4 pm EST (1 pm GMT)


Facebook linkTwitter link


My To-do List

  • Visit and comment on other participants’ blogs
  • Update reading challenges
  • Catch up with ‘read later’ blog posts on Feedly
  • Catch up with replying to comments
  • Catch up with return visits to other blogs
  • Update plugins
  • Back up my blog!
  • Join one of the Twitter parties (missed-I didn’t have time!)


Mini Blog Ahead

Button for Mini Blog Ahead June 2018Blog Ahead is all about trying to get ahead with your blog posts so that you have plenty of posts scheduled in advance. This is a really good challenge for me because I’m normally writing my posts the day before (or sometimes on the actual day) that they are due, which is a little stressful! I definitely want to get a bit of a lead so I can concentrate on my writing and know that my blog is still taken care of even if ‘life’ happens.

The goal for this Mini Blog Ahead is to have 15 extra posts scheduled by the time the challenge ends. So, if you’re starting on day 1 with no scheduled posts like I am, the goal is 15. If you’re starting at 5, your goal will be 20.  

You can find out more about the challenge and sign up here.


My Goals

  • Visit and comment on other participant’s blogs
  • Write and publish at least 8 posts between 22nd June-6th July (these don’t count towards the challenge)
  • Have 15 posts scheduled by the end of Friday 6th July. These can include any of the following:
    • Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2018 (7th July)
    • Book Blogger Hop: Desert Island Book (7th July)
    • The Sunday Post (8th July)
    • Top Ten Tuesday: Throwback Topic (10th July)
    • On my Wishlist (14th July) 
    • Book Blogger Hop: Cluttered Blogs (14th July)
    • Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Novellas/Short-Stories (17th July)
    • Book Blogger Hop: Proudest Blogging Achievement (21st July)
    • What’s on Your Nightstand? (24th July) 
    • Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Sensory Reading Memories (24th July)
    • We are the World Blogfest (27th July)
    • Book Blogger Hop: Displaying Your Name (28th July)
    • Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Books that Lived up to the Hype (31st July)
    • Insecure Writers Support Group (1st Aug)
    • Book review 1 (TBC) 
    • Book review 2 (TBC)
    • Creative writing post (TBC)
    • Art & craft post (TBC)
    • Discussion post (TBC)



Before you go…

Are you joining in with Bloggiesta or Blog Ahead? Share your sign-up post in the comments and I’ll pay you a visit!

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12 responses to “My Blog Goals for June-July 2018 #Bloggiesta #BlogAhead

  1. Red

    I could get behind Bloggiesta. I have a page on my blog that needs to be updated. I’ve done better this year at adding people to my reading list, but the blogroll on my page is outdated. I might do that. I have to wait until cooler hours tonight to think clearly about my time! Thanks for sharing them!

    • Bloggiesta is great for getting a lot of admin jobs done. I always learn a lot about things like SEO and coding when I chat to other participants.

  2. Good luck blogging ahead and getting your admin jobs done! ❤️ I struggle with this part of blogging so this probably something I should try to do… unfortunately I make paper lists like this all the time and never seem to get to it until push comes to shove.

    • I struggle with this too, but signing up to these challenges gives me a sense of accountability and I find I get more done than I would otherwise.

    • I caught up once not long ago, but it didn’t take long to get behind again! There just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep on top of it.

  3. These are fun challanges, pity I’m late with both.
    Besides, I do need to make some maintainance on my blog and I do want to prepare some back-up blogs in advance… but maybe during the summer.
    Are these recurring challenges?

    • Yes, they both happen at various points throughout the year. I think the next Bloggiesta is in September, Blog Ahead is normally every few months I think.

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