Spring 2018 #Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

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Spring 2018 Bloggiesta BadgeLast week’s Bloggiesta ended way too soon! I didn’t get everything on my to-do list done, but I did achieve a lot more than I would have done without Bloggiesta.

Considering how busy I was, I’m pleased with what I did accomplish. You can read Bloggiesta wrap-up posts from other participants here.


Here’s a break down of all my updates to the blog last week.


Tasks I achieved (or partly achieved)


Visit and Comment on Other Participants’ Blogs

This is actually still ongoing, but I promise I will get to everyone on the list and reply to all the comments my lovely readers have left.


Design New Blog Header

Done! Did you notice the slight improvements to my header and button? I have changed them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ too. I like the colours much better than before, there was too much pink in the last one.


Update Navigation Menu

Done! Links have been changed and/or simplified, the colour has changed to mauve and I have moved it to the top of the screen and made it stick there even when you scroll down.


Change Fonts

Done! Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted that I changed the font of my normal text from Montesserat to PT Sans and my header fonts from Cookie to Caveat, which I think are much nicer and easier to read. These are all free to use Google fonts. Let me know what you think!


Organise all my Categories and Tags

Done! I was a bit overambitious with this one and it took me about 4 evenings to complete! You can see my full walk-through of what I did to organise my tags and categories here.


Update Blog Roll

Done! I added some of my new favourite blogs to the sidebar.


Update Plugins

Done! It’s always best to keep these up-to-date for security reasons.


Back up my Blog

Done! I use a plugin called Updraft Plus to back up everything to my Google Drive. I also save them to my hard drive just to be on the safe side!


Partipate in 2 Mini Challenges

I only had time to do one of these, the aforementioned categories and tags challenge.



Tasks I didn’t have time to do

  • Write and schedule all next week’s blog posts
  • Join a Twitter party
  • Make sure all images in the gallery have meta info
  • Remove old signature from remaining blog posts
  • Pin best blog posts to Pinterest and set up automatic sharing
  • Write and schedule posts for the A-Z blogging challenge (at least up to M)
  • Fix any broken internal links



I think I bit of way more than I could chew this time. The categories and tags challenge took up most of my time so there were quite a few things I didn’t get done. Next time, I need to be more realistic about what I can get done in a week, and just give myself about five priority tasks to complete. I did really enjoy the challenge though. I learned a lot from it and I’m really happy with all the changes I’ve made.


Before you go…

How did you get on with the Bloggiesta? Share your wrap-up post in the comments and I’ll pay you a visit!

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8 responses to “Spring 2018 #Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

  1. I know what you mean about being a bit over zealous, I have a tendency to do that too. For the categories challenge, I really just took a small piece of my categories and will have it be an ongoing task — and since we’re starting Task it Tuesday on Bloggiesta, I’m sure I’ll have motivation to keep it going 🙂 So glad you could join us! You did awesome *high five*

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