My To Do List for the Spring 2018 #Bloggiesta

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Spring 2018 Bloggiesta BadgeIt’s nearly Bloggiesta time again! I love these things. The Spring 2018 Bloggiesta is a week-long event taking place from 19th to 25th March. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a blogfest designed to help you improve your blog and tackle the things you normally put off or don’t have time for (admin, SEO, design issues, etc.)

If you’d like to take part, simply post your ‘to do’ list and link it up. If you need ideas and inspiration on tasks for your list, you can find them here.

This time around there will be discussions on Facebook and Twitter throughout the whole month of March as well as Twitter parties and mini-challenges during the Bloggiesta week. You can find out all about it here

Facebook linkTwitter link


Here is the list of tasks I’m hoping to achieve for the Spring 2018 Bloggiesta:


My To Do List

  • Visit and comment on other participant’s blogs
  • Design new blog header and update social media to match
  • Update navigation menu, change appearance and move to top of page
  • Change blog background and fonts
  • Organise all my categories and tags
  • Update blog roll
  • Update plugins
  • Back up my blog!
  • Participate in 2 mini-challenges (did one)
  • Join the Twitter party on Sunday at 4pm EST (missed)
  • Write and schedule all next week’s blog posts (didn’t do)


Things I no longer have time to do but will carry over to next Bloggiesta:

  • Make sure all images in the gallery have meta info
  • Remove old signature from remaining blog posts
  • Pin best blog posts to Pinterest and set up automatic sharing
  • Write and schedule posts for the A-Z blogging challenge (at least up to M)
  • Fix any broken internal links


Before you go…

Are you joining the Bloggiesta? Share your sign-up post in the comments and I’ll pay you a visit!

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22 responses to “My To Do List for the Spring 2018 #Bloggiesta

  1. Thanks for the reminder about the A-Z challenge. It seems like I always remember it on about April 6th. What a great thing to prepare for during Bloggiesta!

    • I always have good intentions to start preparing early but life seems to get in the way! I’m hoping to get some prep done this weekend. Thanks for dropping by, Joy.

  2. Such great goals! And so glad you plan to join me for our Twitter party on Sunday !!! The categories and tags goal goes really well with one of the mini challenges too (I’m linking it)- you can kill two birds with one stone 🙂 Good luck And Happy Bloggiesta.

    • Thanks! I didn’t make it to the Twitter party in the end, I was too busy writing place name cards for my Dad’s wedding! I find it difficult to make the chats because I’m in a different time zone (GMT) so they are usually too late at night for me. I will try next time, though!

  3. I need to remember the check out the Facebook discussions. I added myself to the group but I’ve yet to really look around.

    I love your to-do list! It looks like you have already completed a bit of stuff! Great job. Ooh, I really should find and fix broken internal links. Along with editing my images to have meta info (that’s the alt text, right?). The blogging challenge sounds interesting! I’ll have to go check that out, it could give me some inspiration. I should really figure out a signature for my blog to. I need to go fox my categories and tags too, one of the challenges I’m hoping to do this week is for that.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks, Amber. I did complete quite a bit but as soon as I do one thing I seem to discover three more things that also need doing! Blog enhancement is a never-ending thing. I highly recommend the Blogging from A-Z challenge, sign-ups are open until 1st April I think. Hope you achieved all your goals!

  4. I enjoyed reading your list and will return visit when more time. I was late starting the challenge so lots to do yet. I’ll look out for your A to Z posts too.

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