“The Sun’s Return”, a poem inspired by Lincolnshire skies

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When city-dwellers visit the Lincolnshire countryside, they often express their amazement that there is “so much sky”. My home county, the second largest in England, is characterised by wide open fields stretching right to the horizon. Apart from a beautiful cluster of hills known as “the Wolds” and the aptly-named “Steep Hill” in Lincoln, the area is mostly flat, allowing us to gaze upon some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the country.

Below is a photograph I took of a sunset back in October (left) alongside a photograph of this morning’s sunrise (right).

Photograph of an orange sunset with silhouette A photograph of a purple and orange sunrise

I just love the striking colours and the highlights and shadows in the clouds. I feel lucky to live here with views like this!

As I was comparing both photos, I was inspired to write the following poem:


The Sun’s Return

Red sky at night, a wondrous sight,
Orange embers glowing bright, 
The sleepy town in silhouette, 
Against the sun’s dramatic set. 

The darkness creeps with shadows long, 
Starlings cease their summer song, 
The phantom moon, her face so pale, 
Shrouds the sky beneath her veil. 

While some in peaceful slumber lay, 
Dread and worry stalk their prey,
The lonely shed their bitter tears,  
Devoured by their darkest fears. 

But blackest night fades into blue, 
Streaks of golden light shine through, 
Behold the crimson sky of dawn,  
Another chance to live is born. 

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