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Today is the second day of the 2016 A-Z Blogging Challenge! The aim is to write a post for every day of the month except for Sundays, with each post representing a different letter of the alphabet. This year, since I’ve just become a mum for the first time, my theme is: ‘an A-Z of Newborn Care’. I’ll be talking about all the highs and lows of parenting, sharing things that have been useful for me and posting some cute pictures.
For the letter ‘B’ I have chosen to talk about Bath Time. At first, Leona definitely wasn’t keen on bath time. Here’s her reaction to her first ever bath:

Poor girl, she really didn’t like getting out of the bath!
For the first few months my health visitor advised me to wash her with warm water only, so that’s what we’ve been doing up until recently, when we have started to add some baby bubble bath. 

Our Bath Time Routine

1) I fill up the plastic baby bath with a seat to support her inside and add a little Johnsons Baby Top-to-Toe Bath or Bedtime Baby Bath. I put her towel and jammies on the radiator and heat up the bedroom so it’s nice and warm for her when she gets out.
2) I use a Philips Avent Bath and Room Thermometer to check the temperature of the water. The ideal is 37 degrees C. (You can test with your elbow to make sure it’s not too hot if you don’t have a thermometer).
3) I take off her nappy and clean her up with wipes. If her scalp is a bit flaky I rub some pure coconut oil into her hair (it’s working really well so far). I then wrap her in a towel and take her to the tub.
4) I scoop up water to wash her hair first, then use a soft washcloth on her hands and face. Then I gently lower her onto her bath seat and wash the rest of her body with a different wash cloth. She normally cries for a moment when she first goes into the water, then she falls silent and seems to enjoy it. 
5) After five or ten minutes I take her out (she normally howls at this point) and wrap her straight in a warm towel with a hood. I particularly like the Skip Hop Zoo Duck towel and the Ellie and Raff one. I gently pat her hair dry and cuddle her as I dry the rest of her.
6) I give her a quick massage with Cussons Mum & Me Sleep Tight Massage oil, which smells amazing, before putting on a clean nappy and warm clothes. If you’re interested in baby massage, there is a good video that explains how to do it here. I find it helps her calm down ready for bed and eases any digestion pains.

All done!

If you have kids, do/did they enjoy bath time? What bath time products or techniques would you recommend?

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