#LoveAThon Mini Challenge 2: Book Bingo

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The second mini-challenge of the 2016 Love-a-Thon is Book Bingo. The idea is to see how many bingo squares we can cross off on the official Love-a-Thon bingo card. It’s such a fun challenge!

-Make a post to sign-up for this challenge.
-Showcase the bingo card and keep track of your progress.
-Add your link to the Linky to enter the giveaway.
-Cross AT LEAST 3 squares off to have a shot at the giveaway. (And yes, we will check) It is up to you how many you aim for in the end.
Don’t forget to head to The Daily Prophecy if you want to enter the giveaway!

Here is the Bingo card:

My Progress

Visit 5 new blogs

Join one of the Loveathon Twitter chats

Participate in one other challenge
Done-#1 Mix and Match

Find and follow 3 new Instagram accounts

Leave a comment on some of your favourite blogs

Tweet three of your favourite authors


Watch three videos of Youtubers (and follow)TBC

Dedicate a blog post to talk about some of your favourite blogs, Youtube and Instagram accounts.

Colour hunt: find a blog with a purple, blue and pink design.

Purple: http://mybookishitinerary.blogspot.co.uk/ 
Blue: http://staybookish.net/
Pink: http://bookcatpin.blogspot.co.uk/



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