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Last year I threw my first proper Halloween party (as I surprise for my husband, whose birthday is a couple of days before) and it was a blast! I got tons of ideas for cheap home-made decorations and spooky party food from Pinterest. Sorry in advance about the quality of the photos in this post; my phone does not do well in semi-darkness!

The Decor

The decorations were really fun and easy to do. I bought some cheap ones from the local pound shop, including themed tablecloths, plastic skeletons, ghost balloons, black and orange banners, a colour changing pumpkin and lots of fake cobwebs, which I draped everywhere!

I did the whole house, apart from our bedroom, then turned off the lights and lit a lot of candles, which created a suitably spooky atmosphere. If you plan on inviting small children, I recommend no-flame candles for safety reasons.

One of the coolest ideas I saw on Pinterest was to put glow sticks inside balloons to make them glow in the dark. I bought some of the glow bracelets in bulk from Amazon here. They worked really well and guests also enjoyed wearing them and creating sculptures with them.

The Menu

I did a simple cold buffet made up of party foods and made my own labels with gruesome names for each dish. I used a themed tablecloth, paper plates, cupcake stand and cutlery from my local supermarket. It was super easy! 
Here’s what I served:
Mummified Monster Toes (sausage rolls)
Flaky Skin and Ear Wax (mini cheese pasties, V
Severed Bloody Fingers (mini hot dogs with ketchup)

Crunchy Bat Brains (popcorn with sour Halloween candy)

Blood and Skin Pizza (margarita pizza, V)
Hannibal’s Special Pizza (meat feast pizza)
Hannibal’s Special Quiche (chicken and bacon quiche)
Rotting Flesh Quiche (spinach and ricotta quiche, V)
Breaded Witches’ Fingers (chicken goujons)
Vampire Repellent Bread (garlic bread, V)

Fresh Blood Punch (non-alcoholic punch made with raspberry, strawberry and cranberry juices)

Entrails (fusili pasta with tomato sauce, mushrooms and peppers, V)
Mummified Organs (samosas and spring rolls, V)
Anti-Vampire Bites (garlic and cheese breadcrumb bites, V)
Haemorrhage Meringue (raspberry pavlova)  
Moon Cakes (cupcakes sprayed with edible gold glitter)
Brain Jelly (strawberry jelly made using a brain mould, with white writing icing)
Radioactive Jelly (lime jelly in a skull mould)

The Games

I prepared a Halloween ‘Who Am I?’ game by printing off slips with spooky character names on, folding them and putting them inside a pumpkin pot. If you’re not familiar with the game, players draw a character name from a hat and stick it on their neighbour’s head (double sided tape works well), then they go round in a circle each having a turn at asking a yes or no question to help them guess which character they are. It can be quite difficult sometimes but is a lot of fun. I used characters such as Victor Frankenstein, Count Dracula, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wednesday Adams and Harry Potter. You can download my printable slips here.

Another game we played was ‘Tempt Your Fate’. This was an idea I got from Pinterest, but sadly can’t find the source. I prepared a selection of vodka jellies with sour sherbet and Halloween candy (you could use any drink) and wrote different numbers underneath each shot glass. Then I prepared a list of forfeits or consequences for each number. Players had to eat the vodka jelly, perform the forfeit then choose one for the next person. It was great fun.
The ten consequences were:

1) You are mummified! (Stand and be wrapped with toilet paper.)
2) You develop a hunchback and one short leg!
3) You become a Zombie, and develop an appetite for Brains. (you must eat some brain jelly)
4) You become a vampire for the rest of the evening and try to suck the blood of other guests.
5) You become attractive to vampires, but can drive them off by dancing the Macarena.
6) Oops, a dud. Choose another Antidote.
7) You are cured. Booooorrrrrrinnnnnggggg….
8) Nymphomania! Kiss/hug as many people as possible in the next 90 seconds.
9) Veritaserum! Select three people at random and accept a Truth-Or-Dare from each.
10) Felix Felicis! You become lucky! (you get a prize)
You can download my instructions and forfeits here.

We also played Halloween charades using horror movies, books and TV shows, which was pretty entertaining.

The Music

I created my own playlist of Halloween hits on Spotify, which we then played through the TV all evening. Here it is below-feel free to use for your own party if you wish.

The Costumes

I didn’t have much time to work on my costume, so I just went as a skeleton with a shop-bought dress. Some of the guests put in a lot of thought-we had a Victorian Steampunk lady, Wednesday Adams, Spiderman, a mime and a creepy doll. 
Because some of the guests didn’t know each other, I made name tags for everyone with a twist on their real name, such as ‘Rotting Robyn’, ‘Mad-Eye Matt’ and ‘Rowen Ravenclaw’. 

My sister and I rocking the Halloween makeup
(although we are both so pale we hardly need it).

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