Harry Potter Moment of the Week (4) If you could change one thing in the first film, what would it be?

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It’s time for Harry Potter Moment of the Week, hosted by Leah of Uncorked Thoughts and Micheline of Lunar Rainbows Reviews. The idea is to get Harry Potter fans together and discuss our favourite things about the series; be it a favourite moment, character, magical item, spell, quote or object from the books, films or J.K Rowling herself.

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Today’s topic: If you could change one thing in the first film, what would it be?

Peeves on Pottermore

I really enjoyed the film version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I think it was quite true to the book and really captured the magical atmosphere of Hogwarts. The casting was spot on in my opinion and it was so wonderful to see Harry Potter and his friends brought to life for the first time.

However, if I could change anything about the film, it would be to include the poltergeist Peeves, who was sadly omitted from the movie. Peeves was a really annoying but fun character who caused a lot of havoc in the books. He added extra tension to scenes when Harry was sneaking around the castle at night, as you never knew if Peeves was going to blow the whistle on him. It was also fun to see him pestering people like Filch.

“Which way did they go, Peeves?” Filch was saying. “Quick, tell me.”
“Say ‘please.'”
“Don’t mess with me, Peeves, now where did they go?”
“Shan’t say nothing if you don’t say please,” said Peeves in his annoying singsong voice.
“All right- PLEASE.”
“NOTHING! Ha haaa! Told you I wouldn’t say nothing if you didn’t say please! Ha ha! Haaaaaa!” And they heard the sound of Peeves whooshing away and Filch cursing in rage.”

~Peeves distracts Filch in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Rik Mayall
Apparently they did film a scene in which Peeves was played by the wonderful Rik Mayall (a.k.a Drop Dead Fred). I think he would have been fantastic for the role! Sadly it was cut and never released, even on the DVD special features 🙁
I understand the film makers were limited with how much they could include from the book, but I would have liked to see Peeves causing a little mischief. 
What do you think? What would you change about the first film? 

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