Cat Thursday (3) Sleepy Cats

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Cat Thursday blog meme at Dusting the Soul www.curiousdaydreams.comCat Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by The True Book Addict that celebrates the beauty, wonder and hilarity of cats! The idea is to share funny or cute cat pictures and videos that you may have come across, or even pics of your own beloved kitties. Hop on over to The True Book Addict to sign up with the Mr Linky if you’re taking part.

There are few things cuter than a cat curled up and sleeping peacefully. They can sleep all day if left to their own devices, and often in the strangest places and positions. Check out this gallery of entries for a competition to find Britain’s cutest sleeping cats.

And here are some sleepy cats belonging to me and my friends and family:

My Cat, Magical Mr Mistoffelees

Big rabbit feet! [© A V Brown 2010]

Cuddling with Daddy. [© A V Brown 2012]

He looks happy! [© A V Brown 2012]


Mum and Mum-in-Law’s Cats

Artie snoozing happily. [© A V Brown 2009]


Artie again. So cute! [© A V Brown 2009]


Ollie, Edward and Artie chilling on the bed [© A V Brown 2008]


The cats snuggling together as kittens. You can’t tell where one cat ends and the other begins! [© A V Brown]


Gandalf spreading out on the bed. [© A V Brown 2008]

Where does your cat like to sleep?

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