Cat Thursday (2) Cats Sitting in Strange Places

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Cat Thursday blog meme at Dusting the Soul www.curiousdaydreams.comCat Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by The True Book Addict that celebrates the beauty, wonder and hilarity of cats! The idea is to share funny or cute cat pictures and videos that you may have come across, or even pics of your own beloved kitties. Hop on over to The True Book Addict to sign up with the Mr Linky if you’re taking part.

Cats love to sit in strange places-on cars, inside boxes and on high shelves. They seem to squash themselves into the smallest spaces imaginable and don’t always look very comfy. Check out these funny pictures: If it Fits, I Sits. Below are some pictures of my cat and my mum’s sitting in some odd places.


My Cat, Magical Mr Mistoffelees


Misty when we first got him. He looks just like an ornament! [© A V Brown 2010]


Sitting on stacks of papers and folders in the office. Such a cute little kitten! [© A V Brown 2011]


Cats love boxes and Misty is no exception [© A V Brown 2012]


Inside some wrapping paper [© A V Brown 2013]


In a paper bag. He loves the crinkly noise [© A V Brown 2012]


On top of the wardrobe, a good vantage point. [© A V Brown 2013]


Between my husband’s legs. Comfy? [© A V Brown 2014]

Mum’s Cats

Finn McCool in the fruit bowl. [© A V Brown 2010]


Finn in the washing basket [© A V Brown 2010]

Does your cat sit in unusual places?




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