Cat Thursday (1) Cute Vids and Pics

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Cat Thursday blog meme at Dusting the Soul www.curiousdaydreams.comCat Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by The True Book Addict that celebrates the beauty, wonder and hilarity of cats! The idea is to share funny or cute cat pictures and videos that you may have come across, or even pics of your own beloved kitties. Hop on over to The True Book Addict to sign up with the Mr Linky if you’re taking part. 

Cute videos I stumbled upon…



An 8 month old cat called Suki has been trained to do an agility course and several tricks! It’s amazing! [Source]

A cat gave birth in an old playhouse and the kittens learn to go down the slide! So cute. [Source]

My crazy cat, Magical Mr Mistoffelees

Matt and Misty [© A V Brown Aug 2014] 
Misty adores my husband and loves cuddles but won’t stay on me for long unless Matt’s away!  

My Mum’s Cats

Finn McCool looking dashingly handsome. [© A V Brown Aug 2014]
Abby, doing what cats do best. [© A V Brown Aug 2014]
Do you have a cat? Have you seen any cute pics or vids lately?

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