Copycat Covers-Who wore it best?

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I love book cover art, and Cover Characteristic is one of my favourite memes. I’ve noticed that a lot of covers follow similar trends and some seem almost like doubles of each other. Here are some eerily similar covers that I’ve come across. But which one in each group to you think is best? Please join in and vote for your favourites.

Ripple/reflection effect

Robotic eye

Watery resting place

Dystopian chick facing away

Dead or alive?

Half a face

Cracking up

Desperate eyes


Black dress 

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One response to “Copycat Covers-Who wore it best?

  1. This is a fabulous idea! I cant believe how similar So Much Pretty is to Awaken. I actually never heard of So Much Pretty before. Have you read it? I read Awaken and the sequel to it. I didnt much care for it, mostly because I love video games and technology lol. Anyway, Great Post!

    Mimi Zane @ M&EM Read YA

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