Self-Esteem Challenge Day 24: What is your Definition of Beautiful?

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Today is Day 24 of the Self-Esteem Challenge, originally from Better than Dark Chocolate. It’s a series of questions and prompts to get you thinking about your good qualities and things that make you happy or proud. See my introductory post for more info.

What is your definition of ‘beautiful’?

To me, beauty is not confined to a single size, shape, colour or style. A fluffy bunny rabbit and a pouncing tiger are both beautiful. Beauty can appear in so many different forms, and really is in the eye of the beholder-what appeals to one person won’t appeal to the next. For me, beauty is about about confidence and uniqueness rather than ‘perfection’. A lot of it comes from within-if you a beautiful person inside it really does show on your face.

 I personally think that all the women below are beautiful:

                                                            By Laura Ch on Flickr.

                              From      Rebel Romance 

What does ‘beauty’ mean to you?

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