Self-Esteem Challenge Day 4: When a Bad Stay Strikes

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Today is Day 4 of the Self-Esteem Challenge, originally from Better than Dark Chocolate. It’s a series of questions and prompts to get you thinking about your good qualities and things that make you happy or proud. See my introductory post for more info.

What do you do to feel better when you’re having a bad day?

Luckily there are lots of ways to cheer myself up if I’m having a bad day. 
1) Hug my husband and cat-this always make me feel better. Actually, it’s proven that hugging can reduce stress and anxiety as it causes you to release the hormone oxytocin, which gives you a physical boost.  
2) Get some fresh air-sunshine and a nice breeze can make me feel better and less stressed. I like to get out and have a quiet walk through some trees to clear my head.
3) Eat something naughty-okay, so this might have a few negative effects long term (weight gain, guilt, associating food with comfort etc.) but sometimes I just need a quick fix. I’ve found that I am a lot crankier when I haven’t eaten for a while, and sometimes when I stop to have a nice snack I feel instantly better and wonder what I was groaning about. My comfort food of choice is chocolate and if I eat the dark kind I feel less guilty as it contains antioxidants and flavonoids which may help to lower blood pressure and balance certain hormones in the body. Plus it tastes amazing!
4) Read a good book-I often read to cheer myself up after a long and tiring day. Either I’m transported to an amazing fantasy world (pure escapism) or a dystopian world that makes me feel grateful for what I’ve got-“It could be worse-I could be in the Hunger Games!”
5) Watch an uplifting DVD-when I’m down I put on happy, feel-good DVDs like Disney movies or musicals. My favourites are Singin’ In the Rain and The Sound of Music, which both never fail to make me smile. Forest Gump is also a good bet or a comedy DVD.
6) Play my ‘Cheer Up’ playlist

7) Visit Pinterest-there are so many inspiring and uplifting quotes on there, as well as cute pictures of cats! Guaranteed to put me in a good mood.

Follow Tizzy Potts’s board Mind over Matter on Pinterest.

8) Pamper myself-I like to have a nice hot bath or shower and go through my whole pampering ritual-body scrub, scented body wash, hair mask, face mask, body lotion/oil, nail polish, etc. Having a little ‘me’ time to take care of myself makes me feel a little more human.

9) Call my mum-you’re never too old to need your mum when you’re feeling down. If there’s something on my mind I like to call her for a chat and she listens to my moaning and groaning without judging and always makes me feel better about things.

10) Smile-I read somewhere that smiling makes you feel better and I think it’s probably true. Sometimes when I’ve had a bad day I’ll pull a silly face in front of the mirror and then laugh at myself.

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2 responses to “Self-Esteem Challenge Day 4: When a Bad Stay Strikes

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  2. music is TOTALLY one of my biggest pick-me-ups and I have several great playlists on Spotify too – and some of the same songs .Bad Day by Daniel Powter is a classic-feel-better song! I LOVE LOVE LOVE quotes too, although I never think of looking them up when I feel down, I go straight to music or talking to a friend. I love quotes so much though that I should utilize that method too!

    And how can cats not cheer you up? a good cat cuddle is a wonderful charm for all matter of bad-day things!

    Awesome list and this is a neat challenge!

    I don't know if this is the right link to share, but this is my "It'll be OK" playlist on Spotify:

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

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