Self-Esteem Challenge Day 2: A Physical Feature you Like and 5 Things that Make you Happy

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Today is Day 2 of the Self-Esteem Challenge, originally from Better than Dark Chocolate. It’s a series of questions and prompts to get you thinking about your good qualities and things that make you happy or proud. See my introductory post for more info.

A physical feature you like

I’m normally very critical of my physical features, so this was a tough one. It may be an odd choice, but I’m going to say my hips. I have quite wide hips and a pear-shaped figure, which I used to hate. But recently I’ve become quite fond of my hips and realised that they have a few advantages:

1) I can use them to balance heavy objects on when I need to carry something
2) They give me a curvier looking figure and make my waist look smaller in comparison!
3) They will apparently make childbirth a little easier (yay!)
4) They make me look pretty darn hot when doing Zumba, belly dancing or salsa. Eat your heart out, Shakira.

List 5 things that make you smile or happy

Happy golden retriever dog with tongue outThis is a much easier question as there are lots of things that make me happy!

1) My friends and family-this is number one for me because spending time with my nearest and dearest always cheers me up.

2) Animals-I love all animals, the cuddly and fluffier the better. Spending time playing with them and caring for them always puts a smile on my face.

3) Books-one of the greatest yet simplest pleasures in my life is to curl up with a good book at the end of the day, when everyone else is asleep. There is literally a book for every mood and occasion and they can take you to any place or time. Pure escapism!

4) Good food-I love to indulge in delicious veggie dishes and decadent desserts. I like a wide variety of different foods and enjoy going out for dinner with friends and trying something new.

5) Music-I love all sorts of music, and there are so many feel-good tracks on my playlist. I love to sing-along in the car and dance crazily at parties.

What’s your favourite physical feature? What makes you happy?


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