Cover Characteristic (19) Mist/Fog

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Today I’m joining in with the Cover Characteristic meme hosted by Sugar and Snark. Every week the author chooses a theme and you have to pick five of your favourite book covers featuring that object.

Today’s cover characteristic is Mist/Fog.

These are the ones that most appeal to me:

Very creepy looking. I like the way you can see a faint outline of a girl in the foreground. The font is cool too.

I like the blurred effect of the background and the blue-grey tones. The model’s pose also makes you wonder what’s going on-is she dead?

This looks like a good adventure. I like the colours and composition in this cover and how the girl’s red hair stands out against the blue tones in the background.

Another creepy read. The red dress really stands out against the misty green background and the swirly font is gorgeous.

This is one of my favourite covers. I love the model’s gothic dress and the way she is facing away from us so we can’t see her face, but we can tell by her body language that she is in ‘torment’. The grey misty background is gorgeous and I love the birds in the sky. The gothic font also fits the cover so perfectly.

Another cool misty lighthouse cover. This looks like a good shipwreck survival story. Love the old fountain-pen style font.

I like this because the cover looks so mysterious and exotic and I like the warm beige tones.

I don’t know what this is about-but I would guess that it’s something to do with pirates or smugglers. I love the stormy sea and sky and the skull-shaped cave you can just see in the background. I also like the way the model doesn’t look scared, but just stares at the reader as if beckoning you to follow…if you dare.

This is just gorgeous-one of my favourites. I love everything about it-the purple tones, the magical font, the gorgeous model and the birds seeming to fly from her hair….and especially her dream- catcher earring! Beautiful.

I’m partial to a bit of Steampunk and this ticks all the boxes. It’s probably more smog than fog, but it creates an air of mystery nonetheless. Love the Victorian clothes and brolly.

This looks very cool. The heroine has a very strong, bad-ass look about her, like she won’t take any nonsense from anyone. Awesome font as well.

What do you think? Which is your favourite cover and why?
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2 responses to “Cover Characteristic (19) Mist/Fog

  1. So many fantastic covers. It's hard to narrow it down to five. I like that you took the time to talk about each cover. I have Strange Sweet Song on my list as well. Have a great week and happy reading!

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