My Wedding (Part 3) DIY Seating Plan (with free template!)

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Welcome to the third part of a series of posts focusing on my wedding, with ideas, tips, inspiration and downloadable resources. Today I’ll talk through my seating plan.

The seating plan was quite tricky to get right, because when three different families come together it’s hard to make sure everyone is seated next to people they will get on with and talk to. At the end of the day, you have to remember this is your special day and you can’t please everyone. Close family and friends can put aside any differences just for the day. We actually found there was a great atmosphere all day so the worrying was all for nothing!

It’s particularly hard to manage the top table when you have step families involved. In the end we went for a non-traditional arrangement that included my step-dad as well as my mum, dad, Matt’s parents and best man. We had six round tables for guests-one for the bridesmaids, page boy and our nieces, one for matt’s family, one for my mum and step-dad’s family, one for my dad’s family and two for our friends. 

Once organised on paper I made the final version in Publisher. I printed off a copy for the hotel which I annotated and shrunk it down to put in the program. I also made a larger A3 framed version to display at the wedding which was really easy to make.


  • 1 sheet of A3 card 240gsm in ‘Ocean Blue’ from Paper Mill Direct (left over from invites)
  • 2 sheets of A4 Pearlised Paper 120gsm in ‘Ivory’ from Paper Mill Direct (left over from invites)
  • Scissors
  • A3 self-standing gold frame (from a bargain shop)
  • Glitter glue in your chosen colour
  • 5mm gold ribbon (left over from invites)
  • Blue stick-on gems (from craft shop)
  • Sticky foam squares (from craft shop)
  • Seating Plan Template (Microsoft Publisher)


1) Check with the venue where tables will be placed, how many you will need. etc and draw up a rough plan.
2) Alter the template with the names of your guests and correct number of tables (placement doesn’t matter).
3) Print off the template onto the A4 pearlised paper (or your preferred paper/card).
4) Cut out all the tables and stick onto the A3 card in the correct position with the sticky foam squares to make it appear 3D. 
5) Colour in the numbers with glitter glue.
6) Decorate with ribbon along the top table and gems next to each person’s name.

Easy peasy! 

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