Preparing for the A-Z Blogging Challenge-Vote in my Poll!

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What is the A-Z Blogging Challenge?

Surely you’ve heard of the A-Z Blogging Challenge? No? Well, it’s a blogfest that takes place every April. The challenge is to write a post for every day of the month except for Sundays, with each post representing a different letter of the alphabet. You can find out more here.

It’s a great event to take part in if you want to stretch yourself to blog around a theme and get back into a habit of regular posting. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet other bloggers and grow the audience of your blog. Most participants find they have an increase in followers and commenters during the challenge and some make life-long blogging buddies. The challenge grows every year and so far there are around 760 blogs taking part this April.

If you’re smart and schedule your posts before hand, it doesn’t have to be too taxing either. You can have your posts set up and ready to go in advance so that come April you can enjoy visiting other blogs and joining in with twitter chats and other fun events.

I highly recommend the challenge to any blogger, whatever your theme!

How do I get involved?

1) Sign up with the linky here.
2) Check out the list of co-hosts and helpers and consider adding their blogs to your feed.
3) Get to know your fellow participants by following their blogs and adding them on social media. Add your details too, so people can find you.
4) Consider the theme you will be blogging around for the challenge. Read up on the benefits of themes. Consider signing up for the A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal on March 21st.
5) Start preparing your posts! I normally start writing mine quite early and scheduling them to post on the correct days. This saves me a lot of time and stress later on, so that when the challenge starts I can spend more time engaging with other bloggers.

Vote for my Theme!

Last year my A-Z theme was Elements and features of speculative fiction and entertainment, so I got to write about all kinds of mythological creatures and sci-fi technology. For this year, I’ve got a few ideas but haven’t settled on anything solid yet.
Here are my possible themes:
  • Colour symbolism-I could do an A-Z of colours and their symbolic meanings in art and literature. 
  • Great Britain-I’m a British chick who doesn’t often show her pride for her country. I would blog about my favourite British books, TV shows, actors, comedians, foods (and recipes), music, customs, fashion and so on.
  • Wedding planning-I’m getting married on May 3rd so will be busy planning throughout April. I thought I could post about the artsy and crafty side of planning, without giving too much away for my guests.  
  • Animals-I love animals and would enjoy talking about different species and relating them to books.
  • Music-I’d talk about my favourite bands and compile themed playlists for each day eg. A is for Angry songs, B is for Ballads etc.

    Now I need your help to decide which one is best! Please vote for your favourite theme below and on March 21st I will announce the winner as part of the A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal.

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    15 responses to “Preparing for the A-Z Blogging Challenge-Vote in my Poll!

    1. I was leaning towards Great Britain because it would create a nice thread between "hometown" themes since my fellow A-to-Z Co-Host and Swedish blogger Tina at Life is Good is doing her theme on Swedish traditions. In the end, however, I decided to vote for Wedding Planning because such a theme would be unique to you, in a sense that no one else would have that exact same thing, which gives you an advantage of creating blog content that is much different than other participants in the challenge.

      Also, I'm all for consolidation where possible and I figure that if you're already planning a wedding, then you could kill two birds with one stone without having to redirect your attention away from your bridal plans. Either way you go…my top votes are for Britain and the Wedding.

      2014 #atozchallenge Co-Host

    2. Wow! You have lots of options for the themes! Though I have voted for colour symbolism, all the other themes are equally interesting. I am yet to finalize mine!! Looking forward to read you this April! Cheers 🙂

    3. I'm no help to you because I think all five are great themes – I do love a bit of symbolism, I can imagine the significance of colour being attached to all the other themes too – all the best

    4. I am participating in the A-Z challenge as well and am very excited to do so! I would love to learn more about Great Britain as I have never been there, but have always wanted to go.

    5. They all sound great, Tizzy, but I did manage, after very careful consideration, to come up with a favorite: colors and their significance. Symbolism of all kinds fascinates me, so perhaps I'm biased 😉 In any case, I hope you'll blog about all of these eventually, regardless of what you choose for this A-to-Z–and join the Theme Reveal hop to tell us what you chose on March 21st!

      Guilie @ A Hop Within A Hop: The A-Z Theme Reveal!

    6. I seem to be the only one to have voted for animals so far. Never mind, I'm sure whichever you choose, it'll be great. I shall look forward to learning on 21st March, which you have settled on.
      Incidentally, the A-Z theme on my blog, "A storey of stories" at, won't be about animals, either!

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