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I hope you are all having a good weekend. I’ve been utterly lazy this weekend, only venturing out of the house to go to the pub! I’m enjoying re-charging my batteries and catching up with my blog posts. Today it’s time for ‘Click me Quick’- a feature where I share the blog posts, web articles and videos that have uplifted, interested or inspired me over the past week.

  • Check out this list of kindle offers from Good Books and Good Wine for ebooks as low as $1! There are also more bargains (including free ebooks) over at Fire and Ice.
  • The latest issue of Vine Leaves Literary Journal is out! It was such a treat to read this collection of vignettes by talented writers.
  • I love these cute and crafty animal scarves.
  • Should we boycott the film adaptation of a misogynist or racist author’s books? Laini Taylor raised an interesting debate about it on twitter here.
  • Grammar geeks will enjoy reading Jeff LaFerney making fun of some common spelling and grammar mistakes over at The Red Pen
  • This list of 25 Women Poised to Lead the Culture in 2014 includes inspiring authors, musicians, actresses and journalists who are breaking out of the mould and making it big this year.
  • If you need a bit of a boost, this picture of a happy donkey will cheer you up. 

What links do you recommend I check out this week?

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  1. Hi Chris, thanks so much for your lovely comments and for following me. I'll be sure to visit your blog and add it to my feed too. Really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Take care, Tizzy.

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