My Top Author Girl Crushes: Gennifer Albin

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Throughout the week I’m putting the spotlight on some of my favourite female authors. These are the ‘Renaissance Women’ that not only write amazing books, but who are also legendary in their own right: making statements, fighting for causes and dazzling us with their wide range of talents. Check out yesterday’s post on the awe-inspiring Maggie Stiefvater.

Today it’s all about Gennifer Albin, author of CrewelAlteredCatching Liam and Teaching Roman. Find out more about her books here.

About Gen: “I’m a recovering academic who discovered I could write books of my own and people would read them! I live in a perfect coastal village in Washington state with my family, but spend most of my time in Arras and other fantastical new worlds. I appreciate strong coffee and bold imaginations, prefer my heroines with sass, and am always searching for my next big adventure.”

Why she’s crush-worthy: 

  • She wrote this amazing blog post, which challenges the double-standard inherent in attitudes towards male and female sexuality. The last lines are a mantra that every girl should live by: “I’m a girl, but more importantly, I am a person. I am complex. I am a walking mass of emotions, ambitions, opinions, and skills. I am a work in progress. And I don’t need you to fix me.”
  • She’s a devout Whovian.
  • She is the founder of, a blog about positive parenting for modern mothers.
  • She supports the visual arts, even organising a competition for young artists to win a cash scholarship.
  • She teachers creative writing workshops.

    Find her on: Her website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

    Have you read any of Gennifer’s books yet? Who are your top author girl crushes?

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