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Posted February 19, 2013 in Blog Fests & Hops, Creative Writing / 9 Comments

Today I’m taking part in the ‘She Said What?’ bloghop hosted by Elise Fallston and Michelle Wallis, to celebrate their blogversaries. The idea is to come up with captions for their comic strip and post them before Wednesday. As an extra challenge we’re encouraged to use the bonus words: twist, cheek, buzz, honour, grey, champagne, tango, vomit. It’s a really unique idea for a bloghop and was great fun to do.

Here’s my entry below:

Panel 1

M (in balloon): “Hurry, Elise! Run and grab the rope or you’ll be left behind!”

E: “Alright, alright, I’m coming. Sheesh, keep your hair on!”

Panel 2

M: “What on earth are you doing down there? Are you okay? You’re turning grey!

E: “Sure, I know what I’m doing. Now, if I just twist a little then maybe…oh no. I… think… I’m… going to….vomit.”

Panel 3

V: “Did someone say vomit? Never fear, ladies, Captain Vomit is here to save the day! With my nauseatingly smug grin   and condescending attitude, you have my word of honour that you poor, pathetic damsels in distress will be safely on the ground in no time.” *swishes hair*

Panel 4

*Oof! Pflop! Kerspluffle!* 

Panel 5

M: “Perfect. That idiot has some cheek! If I weren’t falling from a great height right now, I’d give him a piece of my mind! Arghh!”

Panel 6

E: Actually that kinda gave me a buzz! And now we’ve got stylish beach-babe hairstyles!
M: Sweet, let’s do that again!

Panel 7

Dragon: “Hi girls, thanks for the entertainment! Do you mind if I eat that superhero guy? In return I could use my fire breath to get your balloon going…what do you say?”
M:”Hmm, somehow I don’t think Captain Vomit will taste very pleasant, but it’s up to you. Maybe you could wash him down with some champagne?



9 responses to “She Said What? Blogfest

  1. Tizzy this was too cool!
    I love your honorable and nauseating Captain Vomit! *chuckles* and you slipped those bonus words in too…
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop.

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