Spoiled, Stuffed and Satisfied

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How was your Christmas? I was pretty stressed leading up to the big day, but it was nothing to worry about after all. I was working Christmas eve, and after a busy morning it quietened down in the afternoon and there was a relaxed and happy atmosphere. I went to my Mum’s straight after and we organised the presents into pillow cases and had lots of drinks and nibbles. On Christmas morning we opened presents together with my Grandad, then had a huge turkey dinner (I had my own veggie version).

In the evening I went to my fiance’s parent’s house where his sister and her family were staying, and we opened more presents and ate pudding. It was lovely to see my nephew so excited with all his presents. On Boxing Day we went to my Dad’s for more food, gifts and games. It was lovely.

My main gift was a Kindle Fire HD from my Mum and step-dad, which I was ecstatic about! It is all kinds of amazing, and does everything I want it to. I wasn’t sure at first about the idea of reading electronic books, and I don’t think it can ever replace real books (after all, I love the feel and smell of the pages). However, I’m running out of space to keep books at home and funds to keep buying them. This is a great solution, because there are so many free ebooks on Amazon, lots of special offers and you can download samples to try before you buy. I’ve already downloaded tons already. It also has internet, movies, games, music, photos and apps for absolutely everything, so it’s going to keep me very busy!

I was totally spoiled by family and friends this year. I got some lovely bath and body bits, cosy socks and pajamas, Indiana Jones box set, Boggle (one of my favourite games), Bedknobs and Broomsticks on DVD, some nice mugs and things for the kitchen, a new coat, shiny black boots, a lumberjack shirt, some beautiful jewellery and lots of chocolate.

My friend Naomi from Cornet Crafts made me some beautiful gifts-a felt robin ornament for the tree, a cat ring and a dinosaur! She is truly amazing.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, but my thoughts are with those whose holiday season was marred by sickness, bereavement, loneliness, poverty or other troubles. It reminds me how lucky I am. One of my colleagues had her house broken into on Christmas Eve (they took almost everything but the furniture) and I just can’t believe anyone could be so cruel. If your Christmas didn’t go to plan, I wish you all the good luck and happiness the New Year can bring.



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