November Wrap-Up

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It’s that time of the month again (no, not that time), the time when I reflect on the month that’s just passed and review my goals and what I’ve achieved. I’m not a great fan of November due to the increasing cold and dark weather, so normally I don’t do much except hibernate in bed with the electric blanket on and drink huge amounts of hot chocolate (except when I’m at work, they don’t let me do that there).

This month I’ve read Shiver by Maggie Steifvater, Crewel by Gennifer Albin and Every Dead Thing by John Conolly. That’s a pretty good effort for me. But I still need to review each of those, as well as Red Riding Hood, Insurgent, Legend, Before I go to Sleep and City of Bones. I am so rubbish at keeping up-to-date with my reviews!

Creative Hobbies
I half-heartedly signed up for NaNoWriMo this month but knew I wouldn’t be able to commit to it properly. I did do extensive research and planning for my novel, but I’m stuck with my plot. I love the characters, and I love the world I’ve created but I’ve really no idea about what is going on in my book. Oh well. I’ve not managed any art this month either, unless you count my Polyvore creations.


Work is generally very busy and stressful at the moment, but I’m trying to keep my cool and plough on. At least next month we will have full staff, so it should be easier to achieve our targets. I’ve finished my dispensary course and am now waiting for the results. Oh and I’m in the middle of editing a client’s manuscript, which I really need to hurry up and finish.

I’m starting to feel out of shape again, probably because I’ve barely been exercising and have been eating a lot of junk food and take-aways. I’m going to Zumba classes in a couple of weeks with a friend from work, though, so hopefully I’ll start to feel fitter again soon.

I’ve had quite a few social events on this month- I’ve been to the greyhound races with friends, seen Skyfall and Breaking Dawn at the cinema, had friends round for dinner and movies (and been to their homes too), been to a Body Shop party and seen my sister perform in her college show (which was awesome, by the way).

I’m very excited about Christmas now, and have done most of my Christmas shopping already (which is not like me). I’ve bought a few new decorations this year, and reserved a beautiful Christmas village scene model, with colour changing lights and moving parts! Eek! I’ve planned all my food shopping in advance so I’m feeling pretty organised. I just need to get writing my Christmas cards and wrapping presents now.

Goals for Dec

  • Enjoy Zumba and let myself go
  • Get my Christmas cards written and posted and presents wrapped early
  • Cook a Christmas dinner for my family on boxing day and host an awesome games night
  • Really relax on my spa weekend
  • Keep up with the weekly memes on my blog.
  • Start getting up early to exercise and write instead of sleeping in and then rushing for the bus!
  • Read at least one novel and finish writing all my reviews.
  • Make something crafty for Christmas 

How was November for you? What are your goals for next month?



6 responses to “November Wrap-Up

  1. I love how you put "read at least one novel". That should be my goal every month. Aim low, then I won't be disappointed in myself, haha. I was also a NaNo loser this year. Oh well. I personally think November is the worst month to have NaNo. Why not January when nothing is going on? Or any other winter month that doesn't include holidays! Keep your head on. Right now, work and family are most important! That's what I keep telling myself anyway 🙂

  2. Ha, exactly! I knew with it being December there would be no chance of me getting much reading done. I agree about November being a bad month for NaNo-it's so cold and dark that you don't feel like getting up early to write either, and as soon as you get home from work you just want to go straight to bed (or is that just me?)

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