Cover Characteristic (3) Pretty in Pink!

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Today I’m joining in with the Cover Characteristic meme hosted by Sugar and Snark. Every week the author chooses a theme and you have to pick five of your favourite book covers featuring that object.

Today’s cover characteristic is pink. I don’t tend to read a lot of girly rom-coms, so it was actually quite difficult to find pink covers that I liked.

These are my favourites:

I like this bright and glittery illustration, it looks like a very fun and  light-hearted read.

I love cupcakes, and I also love simple images, so this cover fits the bill. The smoky font is gorgeous and I love the cute horse on top of the cake.

This is such a dramatic and edgy look that you couldn’t miss on a shelf.

I love the pretty colours and font on this one, and the fact that the model is in shadow, almost a silhouette.

I like this more neutral shade of pink and the traditional, romantic style. Very pretty.

I think my favourite cover out of the above is You Wish because it’s so bright and quirky.

What do you think? Which is your favourite cover and why?
If you want to have a go just pop on over to the blog and sign up with the linky.

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5 responses to “Cover Characteristic (3) Pretty in Pink!

  1. I would pick up thee first one, well, first on a shelf, because it's the perfect intersection of interesting but not in your face. Well, I like all the covers, but the sparkles!

  2. Wow…these all great picks. I never saw the cover of The Time-travelling Fashionista, that edition of Marked and Belles. So pretty!

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