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Hi everybody, hope you all enjoying a well-deserved rest this weekend. Today I’m introducing a new feature to my blog: ‘Click Me Quick’. Every weekend I’ll be recommending some fun and useful links, blogs and resources that I’ve stumbled upon during the week.

For Writers

  • The Publishing Process in GIF form‘ is an amusing guide to publishing a novel posted by Author Nathan Bransford. This one from the writer’s digest is great too.
  • Writer Ian McEwan recently described how he helped his son to study one of his own novels but found his son’s teacher disagreed with his interpretation. You can read the article and watch the video here.
  • 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That Almost Everyone Gets Wrong-this article is invaluable if you’re editing your novel!
  • I found this amazing online Urban Fantasy Workshop by Pat Hauldren. It’s completely free and you can download the whole workshop including resources like plot sheets and planning tools.
  • It’s almost November, so start your Pre-NaNo Prep now!

For Readers

  • This dude makes amazing Divergent soundtracks and posts them on Youtube!
  • Follow Fierce Reads on Facebook for the latest news, giveaways and tours featuring YA new releases such as Outpost, Crewel, Monstrous Beauty, Necromancing the Stone, Promised and The Shadow Society.
  • Check out the Haunted Halloween 2012 event hosted by A Life Bound by Books. The blog is featuring lots of author interviews, spooky giveaways, guests posts and more all month.

For Artists/Crafters

  • Cornet Crafts-my best friend Naomi’s blog is full of arts and crafts projects and tutorials to inspire you.  
  • I’ve been stalking pinkparis1233 on deviantART-she has a gallery of beautiful, artistic photography with a whimsical feel- mostly still life pictures featuring books, pocket watches, keys, typewriters and other gorgeous objects.
  • Pinstrosity is a hilarious blog that features pictures of people’s failed attempts at the craft projects they’ve seen on Pinterest.

For All

  • Feeling down? Calming Manatees will cheer you up!
  • Don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s sunday secrets!
  • Visiting London? I’d recommend getting tickets to the Singin’ In the Rain musical.
  • If you love writing lists try’s a great app that lets you post sticky notes to a virtual cork board which it automatically saves whenever you update it.
  • is another great tool for creative types- it lets you create unique mind maps for any project in an instant, and add link web pages, images and documents to them.
  • This article about the link between creativity and mental illness is well worth a read.

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