Crewel Street Team Update (3) Book Trailer

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 My Crewel street team, team Time Warpers are now through to round three, which ends on Oct 13th. As I’m part of the blog tour I’ll be recieving a copy of the book any time now and I can’t wait to read it! I also have another copy on preorder which I plan to use in a giveaway for you guys! When I’ve read it I’ll post up the review and start taking snaps of it in all kinds of wacky places to earn more points for my team. Also I’ll be taking part in Gennifer Albin’s ‘twenty questions’ tour on Monday 8th, so do look out for that.   

Take a Peak

 If you want a sneak preview of what to expect from the book, you can read chapter 1 and download chapters 1-5 here. Or, you can check out Gennifer Albin’s amazing new short story set in the Crewel world- The Department of Alterations. It’s very creepy and definately piqued my interest in the book.
Here’s the book trailer:

Get the Goss

For all the latest Crewel news, check out and ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the following sites:

Meet the Team

Here are the other lovely members of Team Time Warpers. Please check out their blogs and say hello!

 Lend a Hand

Gennifer Albin, the Soul Spinsters Street Team and myself would really appreciate it if you could help spread the word about Crewel. Here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Share and retweet our posts on Facebook and Twitter
  • ‘Like’ Crewel on Amazon
  • Preorder the book on Amazon or get someone else to do so (it would make a great Christmas present).

 If you choose to do any of the above things please take a screenshot (alt+PrntScr) and send it to me at I would really appreciate it as it would help earn points for my team. More points=more chance of me winning Crewel book swag which I plan to share with you guys in a giveaway!

Thanks book buddies!

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