Crewel Street Team Update (2) Fan Art

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As you may have heard on twitter or facebook, I’m part of the street team promoting Gennifer Albin’s upcoming YA novel, Crewel. I’m pleased to say that my team, Time Warpers, managed to get through round one and are busy earning more points for round two, which ends on 1st October.

Today I did some fan art based on the book.

© Anstice Potts, 22/09/2012.

Stock resources used:
-Swirls of Orange Light by ~ImageAbstraction [link]
-Spiderweb Texture by DoodlebeStock [link]
-Colour Weave by Claire88 [link]
-Portrait of a Girl by faestock [link]

I tried to give the impression of someone ‘weaving the fabric of time’ and I hope that comes across. I incorporated the spider’s web because the novel’s tag line is “What a tangled world she weaves” which reminds me of the saying “What a tangled web we weave.” I had to guess at Adelice’s eye colour but I’m pleased with how her hair colour turned out as it is described as ‘strawberry’ and ‘dull, like dirty pennies’, not a vibrant red like her mother’s or gold like her sister’s. She’s also supposed to be fair-skinned, so this is close to how I imagine her. What do you think? If you’ve read the book do you think it reflects the themes?

I’ve found out I’m part of the book tour as well as Gennifer Albin’s ‘twenty questions’ tour (I’ll be posting on 8th Oct), so do check back for more news about Crewel in the next few weeks.

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