POLL: Which of Crewel’s covers is your favourite?

Posted September 9, 2012 in BOOKS / 7 Comments

Which is your favourite cover design for Gennifer Albin’s upcoming novel, Crewel? Take a look and vote below.

US edition:

I love the colours of this cover and the spiralling fractal lines make me think of the fabric of time.
The model for this cover has a unique look and striking green eyes that draw you in. I love the green swirls around the title which look like strands of time and the tag line tells you a little more about the book than the first cover.
This cover has a really glamorous feel but I prefer the original title. The tag line translates as something like ‘the reciever of light’

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7 responses to “POLL: Which of Crewel’s covers is your favourite?

  1. These polls make me wonder if there are any widespread differences in cover taste among nationalities. I mean–does the German cover actually appeal more to Germans–or at least follow the current trends in German book covers–or would the US cover be winning no matter what nationality the poll focused on?

  2. That's an interesting thought. I think there probably are different trends in each country. I've noticed that in the UK our covers tend to be a lot darker and often feature models. I'm not sure why that is, as I like the bright US cover in this case too. Sometimes I'm quite dissapointed with the UK covers. I'm not a fan of the German one because it seems a bit dated. It also puzzles me why they have changed the title.

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