June Wrap Up

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Well I don’t know where June has gone to be honest, but now it’s the 1st July and the year’s already half over (or half begun, depending on which way you look at it). I’ve decided to start doing a monthly wrap-up of my reading and other creative activities as well as goal-setting for the next month, mostly to keep my own brain in order.

I’m close to finishing City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and will soon need help deciding what to read next (see my ‘What Next?’ post on Thursday). It’s taken me quite a bit longer than usual to get through as I’ve had so much going on. I’ll post a review soon and I really need to get on with writing a review for Insurgent as well.

Creative Hobbies
I haven’t written anything this month apart from a short piece I wrote for my Nan’s funeral reflecting on her life and what she meant to me. I haven’t really been in the mood to write anything else and I haven’t done any drawing or digital art either and have been neglecting this blog. So all in all it’s not been a great month for creativity.

As I mentioned above, I recently lost my Nan so that has been on my mind all month. Despite that (or maybe because of it) I’ve been putting in even more effort at work and have been getting loads done. We’ve achieved a lot as a team in the last couple of weeks and I feel less stressed and more productive now, which is great. It’s been a busy month because I’ve been putting in a bit of overtime and have had a lot of social activities most weekends-BBQs, birthday parties, meals, shows and so on. My dance classes have also started up again and we’ve started preparing for our show in the autumn. I’m really glad about this because as well as being able to get back into shape again (Christmas, Easter and too many takeaways have taken their toll) it’s also great fun and a good stress-reliever.

One thing I don’t talk about often (even with my friends and family) is that I struggle with depression, and at times it gets pretty bad. I’m pleased to say that despite this not being the easiest of months, my treatment seems to be working and I’m able to control my moods well at the moment. I’m not always happy (who is?) but I feel a lot less stressed and more accepting of difficult situations. I’m happy with my life and positive about the future. I got engaged back in April and now I want to focus my energy into planning and budgeting for the wedding.

Also..it’s my birthday on 30th July and I’d like to do some sort of blogfest or giveaway. I have a few nearly-new books I could give as prizes, so stay tuned for a contest announcement when I get my sh act together.

Goals for July

  • Keep up with the weekly memes on my blog.
  • Write something everyday-whether it’s a poetry, short-story, fragment, diary entry, blog post or whatever.
  • Start getting up early to exercise and write instead of sleeping in and then rushing for the bus!
  • Read at least two novels and finish writing all my reviews.
  • Do one other creative thing eg. a drawing, piece of digital art, craft, photography etc.
  • Try to keep tidy and more organised!
  • Continue to look after myself both physically and mentally
  • Fully enjoy all the social events I’ve got planned
  • Finish my dispensing course at work

How was June for you? What are your goals for next month?



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