Book2Movie Reading Challenge

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The goal for the Book2Movie Challenge challenge is to read a book or watch a movie in each of the 12 categories during the year of 2012. Here’s my list: 

*=still need to buy or borrow.

1) …where the movie is more famous than the book 
Stardust (e)

2)…to a TV series
The Vampire Diaries #1*

3) … which is based on a cartoon/ fairy tale or where the main characters are animals
Chronicles of Narnia #1

4) … where your favorite actor/ actress is playing in the movie.
Bridget Jones’ Diary, Alice in Wonderland or Jurassic Park

5) … to a book classic which was made into a movie after 1990
The Picture of Dorian Gray

6) … where the book was written for the movie
Using the bonus catergory instead.

7) … from an author of your home country (for English joiners: from an author who is not coming from an English speaking country)
The Color Purple

8) … where the story is about love and where you’ll probably cry OR where the story is about blood, murder and horrific killers.
The Notebook (e), The Time Traveller’s Wife or Marley and Me

9) … which is focused on a social critic topic (misogyny, racisms, cruelty,…)
My Sister’s Keeper or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

10) … where the story is playing at least 100 years ago.
Pride and Prejudice

11) … where the story is playing in the future OR where the story is playing in Asia or Africa 
I am Legend (e)

12) … where the movie to the book is coming to the cinemas 2012
Hunger Games #1

(+ 13 bonus category: … where you’ve already watched the movie, but never read the book) – for all who have a problem to find a book/movie in one of this categories.
The Poseidon Adventure * or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #1 *

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