New Year’s Resolutions 2012

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Happy New Year everyone! I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s New Year blog posts, but this one in particular caught my eye:

This Year by Le Projet D’amour

The idea of resolving to spend more time on the beach with sand between your toes, and to stop caring what others think of you really resonated with me. This year I’m not setting myself the strict resolutions to do with diet, exercises and finances that I usually do. I want to focus on what will make me happy this year, so my goals for 2012 are all based on my creative hobbies and mental wellbeing, rather than physical things.

1) Do something creative every single day for ‘My Year In Art‘.

2)  Read at least twelve books from my to be read’ list and savour every page.

3) Continue to develop a loving, nurturing and non-judgemental attitude towards my body. This will involve eating for nourishment rather than dieting, exercising for enjoyment rather than to lose weight and using makeup to enhance my features rather than cover them up.

4) Lessen my attachment to material possessions and learn to appreciate the things that money can’t buy rather than wanting things I can’t afford.

5) Nomatter what the year brings, live each day with peace and love in my heart, never giving up on my dreams.

I hope 2012 brings you everything you wish for and more.

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