Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 7

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To celebrate Christmas this year I have decided to do a post on each of the twelve days of Christmas (25th Dec-5th Jan) to celebrate all of the gifts (both physical and metaphorical) that I have recieved this year and take stock of what I have achieved during 2011.

On the seventh day of Christmas 2011 gave to me…a ton of fun memories.

Although most of my friends live in different parts of the country (and even different countries) now, and are pursuing different qualifications and careers, when we do get to see each other I really treasure our times together. I’ve especially enjoyed spending more time with my best friend this year, since she joined my dance school and we started training for the dance show together. It was really fun to do something new together that we could help each other with and now we’re doing a dance exam and beginner ballet class together so we get to see each other pretty much every week. We also had a good time making cupcakes together for mothers day and she cooked an amazing three course meal or us at a recent dinner party. She even made me a stuffed lion toy for my birthday.

I’ve had some lovely times with my family and my partner this year as well. We had a weekend of clubbing and shopping in Nottingham for cousin’s birthday party and a trip to Baytree Garden Center in May, and more recently a great time at my work xmas party. We’ve been on A LOT of cinema trips and had both of my sisters to stay over for a couple of nights and we spent two weekends staying with my family in Rothwell. And then of course there was my graduation and holiday.

There were a lot of good times in 2011 that I’ll never forget, but hopefully even more in 2012.




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